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North Carolina Department of Transportation General Services Division

The General Service Division consists of Facilities Design, Construction and Maintenance, Support Services and Property Management. Total personnel complement is 114. Operating budget is about $15 million yearly and projected annual capital appropriation is $12 million.

The Facilities Design, Construction and Maintenance Section is responsible for facilities design and construction for DOT . The primary activity is planning and implementing DOT's Capital Improvement Program. Other responsibilities include visitor center/rest area construction and renovations. The Section is responsible for maintenance of statewide DMV offices, weigh stations, and DOT offices in the Raleigh area. Technical support is provided for the maintenance and/or expansion of all DOT facilities. The Section is comprised of registered architects (2), an architectural designer (1), registered engineers (4), construction and renovation design technicians (4), facility maintenance mechanics (36), office support personnel (4) and Supervisors (5). Total operating budget is approximately $6 million and the capital budget is about $6 million. An additional $6 million in capital appropriations are handled by outside professionals administered in the General Services Division.

The Support Services Section provided office related services Department wide for DOT Administration, the Division of Highway and the Division of Motor Vehicles. Total personnel complement is 54 and the operating budget is approximately $6.4 million annually. The office related services are provided at facilities in Wake County including mail services, stockroom services, reproduction services, contract janitorial administration and office waste services. The Support Services Section annually processes over 11 million pieces of outgoing USPS mail, utilizes in-house discount automated presort equipment, prints 12 million square feet of engineering drawings for the Division of Highways Construction Projects, prints 39 million impressions for office related functions and public distribution, administers 90 janitorial contracts statewide in DMV and DOH Facilities (Division Offices) and coordinates office systems waste reduction of over 400 tons in DOT facilities.

The Property Management Section maintains a statewide inventory of the Department's 2900 buildings. The Section is responsible for property leases, sales, acquisitions and allocations. Additional responsibilities include building demolition and asbestos program management.

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