NCDOT's Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation (DBPT) is one of the oldest programs of its kind in the nation, established in 1973. DBPT seeks to integrate bicycle and pedestrian safety, mobility and accessibility into the overall transportation program through engineering, planning, education and training.

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Learn about NCDOT’s Planning Grant Initiative, creating bicycle and pedestrian friendly communities, and implementing Complete Streets initiatives.
Project Development and Design
Provides information on bicycle and pedestrian facility planning and design guidelines, and highlights completed projects across the state.
Includes project funding sources, how to request a bicycle or pedestrian Statewide Transportation Improvement Program project and the criteria used to evaluate requests, as well as a list of current STIP projects.
Safety and Education
Explains how to develop effective local safety programs and offers resources, educational materials and guidelines to support them.
Laws and Policies
Includes the NCDOT policies and federal guidelines for developing bicycle and pedestrian facilities, as well as the state laws that bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists must follow.
Research and Reports
Presents current research results and a tool to search the North Carolina crash database for bicycle and pedestrian crash statistics.
Traveling by Bicycle
Offers information on bicycle commuting, around-town cycling, touring, trail riding, mountain bicycling, racing, and bicycle clubs and shops, as well as how to integrate bicycle travel with other modes of transportation.
Traveling on Foot
Links to information on the transportation and health benefits of walking, tips for planning a safe trip and maps of good places to walk throughout the state.
About DBPT
Highlights program responsibilities and accomplishments.
Bicycle and Pedestrian images