Workshops, seminars, and conferences are critical to ensure professional development within the bicycle and pedestrian transportation arena. The DBPT helps transportation professionals in North Carolina stay up on the latest design considerations, best practices, relevant research, and planning considerations related to bicycle and pedestrian issues by offering trainings to meet the demands identified. These trainings ensure that NCDOT staff, regional and local transportation agencies, law enforcement, private consultants, planners, public health professionals and other practitioners can expand and sustain their knowledge base for integrating non-motorized travel considerations into their everyday work in order to make it a safe transportation choice.

NC School Crossing Guard Training Program
This training targets school officials and law enforcement agencies that are responsible for training school crossing guards for various locations across the state. The one-day ‘train-the-trainer’ course includes a morning session devoted to understanding laws about pedestrians and school crossing guards and examining the Instructor’s Manual, which contains everything a person will need to conduct a training course for guards themselves. The afternoon session involves actual practice crossing students at a simulated intersection.
Bicycle Planning and Design Workshop
This one-day workshop provides comprehensive information on the latest in bicycle planning, design standards, and research. Guidance on integrating bicycle transportation needs into roadways and shared-use paths to enhance the “bike-friendliness” of a community is also covered. The DBPT last offered this course in 2006.
Pedestrian Planning and Design Workshop
This one-day workshop provides comprehensive information on the latest in pedestrian planning, design standards, and research. Instructors present the latest guidance on enhancing pedestrian access, innovative pedestrian treatments, sidewalk design, signalization and signing, ADA considerations, street crossings, transit interface, and NCDOT policies, standards and guidelines. The DBPT last offered this course in 2005.
Designing Pedestrian Facilities for Accessibility
This day-and-a-half workshop, developed by the Federal Highway Administration and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP), provides an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides detailed information on policies and design guidance related to accessibility. The DBPT last offered this course in 2006.
Safe Routes to School Community Workshop
This one day course is offered through NCDOT’s Safe Routes to School Program and supplies a customized version of the “Safe Routes to School National Course,” developed by the National Center for Safe Routes to School and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. It is designed to help communities develop sound SRTS programs based on their unique situations, by providing information on best practices, useful strategies, and resources to consider as they identify current conditions and the next steps to take to improve those conditions.
Basic Law Enforcement Training Module
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