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The NCDOT Office of Education Initiatives works to advance a wide range of programs, activities and initiatives that focus heavily on science, technology, engineering and mathematics to develop a talented workforce to meet North Carolina’s future transportation demands.

We enhance STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and recruit the best talent by making programming available from rural to urban communities and encouraging broad participation in engineering fields, to include women and minorities, increasing NCDOT mentorship throughout K-12 schools and providing multidisciplinary internship and training opportunities for college and post graduate students.

Advocating for innovative programming to capture student interest in STEM fields that support transportation related careers.

Providing support to K-12, college and post graduate level students from rural to urban communities and encouraging participation in STEM education.

Enhance student efforts in STEM fields to develop a sustainable transportation workforce for the future.

Develop strong partnerships with Department of Public Instruction (DPI), education & transportation organizations and associated businesses across the state to prepare the STEM student for college and career readiness.