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More than Building Roads

The N.C. Department of Transportation does much more than build and maintain roads and license drivers and vehicles. Employees with diverse skills and abilities work together to connect people and places in North Carolina in many ways. Below are some of the jobs at DOT that best represent our diverse workforce.

Environmental Specialist

  • Training & Experience Requirements: Four-year degree in agriculture, biological, engineering, environmental, natural resources sciences and environmental experience.
  • Description of Work: Inspect environmental facilities or systems for permitting purposes, environmental planning, impact assessment, and/or design and conduct scientific studies. Collect, review and evaluate data. Write findings reports. Provide technical guidance to others.

GIS Technician

  • Training & Experience Requirements: Associate degree in GIS/GPS, geography, computer science, surveying and mapping, forestry, environmental science.
  • Description of Work: Review and edit maps and tabular manuscripts used in the collection and maintenance of geospatial data. Use GIS software to convert data and set display specifications and tolerances.

Marine Electrician

  • Training & Experience Requirements: High school and experience in electrical and electro-mechanical systems maintenance and repair.
  • Description of Work: Direct the maintenance and repair of marine electrical systems on ferries and dredges. Participate in and supervise the installation, maintenance, and repair of AC and DC generators, switchboards, distribution panels, lighting and alarm circuits.

Title Examining Supervisor

  • Training & Experience Requirements: High school and experience with motor vehicle titling work or in the review and/or processing of legal documents.
  • Description of Work: Supervise a unit that processes motor vehicle registration documents. Problem resolution in regards to establishing and updating vehicle records. Must understand motor vehicle laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures. May recommend changes in operating procedures as a result of resolving unprecedented problem situations.

Transportation Planner

  • Training & Experience Requirements: Four-year degree in urban and regional planning, transportation planning, engineering, business administration or economics and experience with collecting and analyzing economic and social data and information.
  • Description of Work: Organize and conduct transportation planning studies and promote transportation planning activities with local government. Work requires the application of a variety of quantitative and qualitative tools such as surveys, mathematical models, resource allocation techniques and sampling theories in the analysis of data. Evaluate multi-modal transportation systems.

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