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Productivity Services
Productivity Services is an internal management consulting unit that brings innovative approaches to process improvement, problem solving, and positive organizational change.

While striving to be the first choice of leadership for management consulting, Productivity Services will be proactive in identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and have a positive influence on policy, processes and change.

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Primary Services

Management Consulting
Management Consulting is a systematic approach to providing NCDOT leaders and managers with effective action-oriented business practices.

Organization Improvement & Transition/Change Management
Organization Improvement and Transition/Change Management is the identification of opportunities for organizational excellence using systematic tools and techniques to manage transition/change.

Quality Management
Quality Management is the guidance and support of various programs and processes within a culture of excellence.

Survey & Research Consulting
Survey Research Consulting is a dynamic approach to acquiring key decision-making information through the use of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):
The primary goal of the ADA is to provide for the equal participation of individuals with disabilities in the "mainstream" of society. The Department of Transportation is committed to identifying reasonable accommodations for all employees who have qualifying disabilities. It also seeks to ensure that the general public has equal access to transportation facilities. The Productivity Services team chairs and staffs the Department's ADA Steering Committee. Assigned staff members review complaints from citizens, employees, and governmental entities and make recommendations to resolve issues.

For further information email through Contact Us.

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Program
The Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Program is a department-sponsored initiative committed to stimulating, promoting and sustaining a culture of improvement throughout all levels of the department. It provides an environment and mechanism to stimulate healthy competition, share ideas and promote opportunities to learn new techniques and methods that will improve the department's products and services.

Under the direction of the CPI Steering Committee, the program established a CPI Awards Program to recognize teams that have implemented innovative improvements. There are seven award categories: Dollar Savings, Customer Service, Cycle Time Reduction, Labor Hour Savings, Environmental Sustainability, Communications and Safety Improvement.

During the annual CPI Conference, award winning projects that have been submitted for competition are displayed for their creative and inventive ideas during an exhibition that is open to all NCDOT employees.

Incentive Pay Program
Incentive pay pilot projects have been authorized by the General Assembly to explore methods of improving productivity of units included in the program. To date programs exist for State Road Maintenance Road Oil and the Bridge Inspections Units. A new Paint Striping Program is slated for Traffic Services.

  • Each pilot project, as directed by the General Assembly, has components developed by DOT staff and approved by the Transportation Oversight Committee.
  • Incentive pay is tied to specific increases in measurable performance over baseline performance.
  • Incentive pay is awarded to employees within each approved unit as a share of the total unit award. The amount is based on each employee's contribution to the unit's performance.
For further information on this program contact Walt Thompson, call 919-733-2083 or email through Contact Us.


"The Pulse" Newsletter - Archive of survey research related newsletters published monthly by our staff.

LMDA - The LMDA (Leadership and Management Development Association) is a Department-wide management association affiliated with the NMA (National Management Association). It fosters development of more effective NCDOT managers and provides them with a network to share experiences with other NCDOT managers.

AASHTO Quality - Members of our staff are actively involved on AASHTO's (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officals) Standing Committee on Quality. This sub-committee maintains a web site devoted to showcasing successful practices across state departments of transportation.

Productivity Services, in addition to its offered services, maintains a range of tools that can be used by individuals and organizations to improve the effectiveness of teams, process change, and productivity enhancements.

The "CPI GUIDE" is an internally developed ten step method of improving processes. It details those ten steps and assists leaders and team members in using a systematic process to facilitate effective change.

"Teams Getting Started" was developed by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources to assist teams in making effective use of their time and in avoiding pitfalls common to teams.

The "Team Charter" Form was developed by Productivity Services to assist teams in establishing a formal charter for teams including all major needed components. This ensures that all stakeholders and team members have a shared vision of both the team role and individual roles in process change.

Many of us need tools to complete assigned tasks. The "CPI Toolbox" contains descriptions and examples of the primary tools used by teams or individuals in managing process improvements or in validating performance measures present in current or proposed processes.

Contact Us

The Productivity Services team is available to assist your division/unit in finding solutions to address everyday business concerns. The team handles initiatives from the simple to complex, providing you with a roadmap to address challenges within your organization. Our staff will take a comprehensive approach that will provide you with information and assistance in meeting organizational objectives. Services include Management Consulting, Organization Improvement and Transition/Change Management, Quality Management, and Survey and Research Consulting.

Contact Productivity Services at (919) 733-2083 for more information. Services may also be obtained by sending an email to Contact Us. If communicating via email, please include a brief description of the desired assistance/services and a contact name and telephone number so that we may follow-up.

Our address:
Productivity Services
401 Oberlin Road, Suite 250
1512 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1512

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