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Management Consulting
Management Consulting is a systematic approach to providing NCDOT leaders and managers with effective action-oriented business practices. The benefits include high quality innovative solutions that aid in the enhancement and accomplishment of the client's goals and objectives.

This service involves the use of the following proactive, cost-effective and efficient customer-driven methods to help identify potential opportunities for improvement:

Management Studies
Management Studies involve determining the general scope of a problem area identified by the client and finding the best course of action for further examination and analysis. The types of studies include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Organization Study
    An Organization Study is a special purpose study that involves the evaluation of organization problems, particularly problems that affect the distribution of basic responsibilities among major organizational units. This assessment includes examining the impact of any problem on personnel and resources directed toward the achievement of some common purpose or goal.
  • Functional Study
    A Functional Study is an evaluation of a specific function (e.g., external safety, purchasing, EEO, personnel, etc.) which may be confined to a single organizational element or may cut across organization lines. This type of study may include an examination of factors that hamper productivity.
  • Staffing and Workload Study
    A Staffing and Workload Study involves an evaluation of the staffing level of an organization and how it impacts the workflow, as well as the accomplishment of the assigned workload. This type of study includes the analysis of the major functions and key tasks in relation to the overall distribution and balance of the work.
  • Job Analysis Study
    A Job Analysis Study involves the analysis of the components of a job and its associated functions. It also includes developing a detailed listing of task statements, as well as the related knowledge, skills and abilities required for the accomplishment of the assigned tasks.
  • Process Improvement Study
    A Process Improvement Study involves a review and analysis of a specific process or group of related processes to determine opportunities for improvement. This includes creating and implementing new or improved techniques, eliminating unnecessary duplication of work, and ensuring that all steps are value-added. Link to Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)
  • Work Process Analysis
    A Work Process Analysis is a study involving critical examination of a specific job area/task to determine its impact on the organization. This may also include developing and implementing an efficient and effective method of accomplishing that task.
Planning provides guidance in defining and developing goals for future organizational performance and business strategies. This includes helping to link strategies to day-to-day activities so that plans become actions, and resources are used effectively to attain those goals.

Policy Review and Evaluation
Policy Review and Evaluation provides assistance in evaluating and improving existing departmental policies, as well as helping resolve potential policy issues. These measures ensure that departmental policies comply with applicable Federal and State statutes.

Procedures Development and Analysis
Procedures Development and Analysis offers guidance in defining and documenting procedures to achieve shared understanding of how tasks are undertaken. These measures ensure that procedures are properly written and to comply with Federal and State laws and regulations.

Team Facilitation
The main task of team facilitation is to help a group or team achieve its objectives and increase its effectiveness by improving its data-gathering and decision-making processes. Facilitators guide groups and teams in the following effective team processes :
  • Help the group or team to identify objectives, reach consensus, define and commit to next steps, develop and implement action plans.
  • Provide assistance with conflict resolution/management.
  • Help team leader to develop strategies, plan meetings, structure tasks and assignments, and evaluate the work of the team.
While Productivity Services has staff members who are skilled facilitators, it is our intent to also provide developmental opportunities for staff members of client organizations to develop its own on-site facilitators as a resource. "Teams Getting Started"

Quality Analysis
Quality Analysis provides assistance to clients in meeting their needs and expectations by analyzing and examining an organization's work performance to improve effectiveness and efficiency. The Productivity Services team has experienced NC Quality Leadership Examiners.
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