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What is FORTIFY?
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Fortify Project Gains Momentum on Phase II

If you travel through the Fortify work zone, you will see more activity in the area known as Phase II—from the I-40 split to U.S. 1. Crews are currently preparing the shoulders that will eventually serve as a lane when major construction begins on this portion of the project in early 2015. That’s when lane shifts will begin to phase in, impacting traffic.

Remember, work zone safety – slow down, use caution, and because there won’t be shoulders when the shift takes place, drivers who experience vehicle trouble and can still move their cars, should make every effort to get to the next exit where there is room to safely pull over. If you can’t move your car, stay inside your vehicle, turn on the flashers and call 911. Getting out of the vehicle puts the driver or passengers possibly in the path of oncoming vehicles.

Fortify Safety

Driving through construction zones can be somewhat tricky, and since motorist safety is NCDOT’s top concern, we offer this advice for travelers navigating the Fortify Project in Raleigh.