About Fortify

The southern portion of I-40/I-440 is 30 years old and needs repair. More than 100,000 vehicles travel this stretch of highway each day, putting a great deal of stress on the road's surface. Fortify is part of a 10-year plan to strengthen North Carolina’s roadways and alleviate traffic congestion in the Triangle. Our goal is to fortify the roadway for safer, more efficient travel for everyone who travels through this busy section of highway. The project is broken out into two phases:

Phase I

Expected to begin in late November of 2013, this phase extends from east of the I-40/I-440/US 64 interchange (Exit 301) to just north of US 264/Knightdale Bypass (Exit 14). Two lanes are expected to remain open in each direction to ease traffic congestion during this phase, which is scheduled for completion in the summer 2014.

Phase II

This phase is slated to begin in late 2014, and includes the southern portion of I-40. Construction extends from I-40 west of Jones Franklin Road to east of the I-40/US 64/I-440 interchange (Exit 301). Three lanes are planned to remain open in each direction during this phase, which should be completed by August 2016.

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I40 I440 Rebuild Project Map

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