NCDOT is dedicated to implementing projects and programs that improve transportation and benefit the people of North Carolina. Below are some story ideas for news reporters. By clicking on the links, you’ll find additional background and contact information. This page will be updated regularly. Please check here often for new ideas.

NCDOT Thinks Green

Cardboard for recycling. NCDOT is dedicated to doing our part to shrink our carbon footprint. That’s why we have a 3R Program in place that’s focused on generating ways for NCDOT to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. From 2006 to 2007, the department recycled 1,106 tons of office paper, telephone books and cardboard, which saved 18,802 trees and 3,383 cubic yards of landfill space. But our efforts go far beyond paper products alone. Click here to learn more about how we reuse and recycle office equipment, highway signs and even asphalt.

Soaring High in Aviation History... and Beyond

Aviation Photo November is aviation history month, a time when North Carolina honors the Wright Brothers’ historic first flight in Kitty Hawk on Dec. 17, 1903. However, the state’s aviation accomplishments do not end there. See our North Carolina Aviation Facts and History Sheet to read more about the people who helped the Wright Brothers' dream continue to soar.

Today, more than 47 million passengers fly to and from our state each year, and about 1.7 billion pounds of air freight are handled annually in North Carolina. That translates into a major economic boost for the state.

Leaf-ing It All Behind

Trees in the fall. Every fall, thousands of visitors flock to Western North Carolina to enjoy the stunning views of the mountains changing from vibrant green to radiant red, orange and yellow hues. Our N.C. Scenic Byways book can help you find the best places to snap photos and capture the essence of autumn. It also points out areas where you can experience the state’s history, geography and culture. For the list of scenic byways mentioned in the book, click here.

The Road to Creating Better Pavement

NCDOT Workers paving a road. Science plays an important part in preserving North Carolina’s roads. That’s why we have an ongoing partnership with N.C. State University to study ways to improve how we repair cracked or weathered pavement. NCSU researchers work with our employees in the field to develop new materials and test new techniques. Click here to learn how this effort has helped make NCDOT a national leader in pavement preservation.

Help on the Highway

IMAP Worker You’ve probably seen our yellow Incident Management Assistance Patrol trucks helping motorists stranded on the side of many of North Carolina’s major interstates. IMAP drivers are trained mechanics who help change tires and replace belts at no charge, so motorists can get back on their way safely. To learn more about IMAP, click here.