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Continuous Improvement Program

Why Continuously Improve?

Continuous Improvement is a way of conducting business at NCDOT. It provides an environment and mechanism to stimulate healthy competition, share ideas, and promote opportunities to learn new techniques and methods that will improve the department's products and services.

We should implement Continuous Improvement principles for several reasons:

  • Save Money; Increase Efficiency
  • Improve Safety Performance
  • Improve Quality of Service
  • Reduce Waste
  • Improve Teamwork and Communications
  • Satisfy Customers & Stakeholders
  • Improve working conditions & employee morale.

Tools to support you in your Continuous Improvement Efforts

The Continuous Improvement and Management Studies Unit has team members at NCDOT that are here to assist you in implementing Continuous Improvement in your organization. If you want support in implementing a project idea in your unit, E-mail Contact Us for support.

Did you make a change that improved your teams’ performance in safety, environmental quality, cost savings, customer service, or communication? Click on the submission form below if you have implemented an idea that you would like to share with the full NCDOT team. This information will be added to a database (available on this web site in the “Continuous Improvement” section) so others can reference the idea. Savings could be multiplied as other teams view the database and implement the concept; just imagine the savings!

Remember, your application can be submitted at any time throughout the year! We want to share ideas as soon as possible when the idea is known to generate improved performance!!

Please Contact Us for support with:

  • Filling out the Continuous Improvement Project Submission Form
  • Have questions about the Continuous Improvement Program
  • Have questions about any content in the website

To help you get started with developing your idea, here are some tools for reference:

"Teams Getting Started" is a helpful resource for getting a team up and running. It provides tips for making effective use of time and avoiding pitfalls common to teams.

The "CI GUIDE" is an internally developed ten step method of improving processes. It details those ten steps and assists leaders and team members in using a systematic process to facilitate effective change.

Many of us need tools to complete assigned tasks. The "CI Toolbox" contains descriptions and examples of the primary tools used by teams or individuals in managing process improvements or in validating performance measures present in current or proposed processes.

CI newsletter - "Transporting Innovations"

Continuous Improvement Program

The Continuous Improvement (CI) Program is a department-sponsored initiative committed to stimulating, promoting, and sustaining a culture of improvement throughout all levels of the department by honoring projects submitted. Under the direction of the CI Steering Committee, the program established a CI Awards Program to recognize teams that have implemented innovative improvements.

The CI Conference is currently “Under Construction”. We look forward to sharing with you the changes to the CI Conference in the near future.

Please view the continuous improvement database. It has continuous improvement projects submitted throughout the years, including CI project award winners.

Continuous Improvement Project Database

If you are interested in pursuing a specific topic; see the database sorted by category below.

Dollar Savings Projects Safety Improvement Projects
Labor Hour Savings Projects Cycle Time Reduction Projects
Energy and Environment Projects Communications Projects
Customer Service Projects  

If you are interested in pursuing savings that have been implemented in a specific unit or division; see the database sorted by location below.

Division 1 Projects Division 2 Projects Division 3 Projects Division 4 Projects
Division 5 Projects Division 6 Projects Division 7 Projects Division 8 Projects
Division 9 Projects Division 10 Projects Division 11 Projects Division 12 Projects
Division 13 Projects Division 14 Projects Business Unit Projects  

Please view the CI Archives below; you will see annual CI project results books and award winner presentations. This information can be found in the database above as well.