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The I-74 corridor, as supported by the Governor of North Carolina, has been identified as a Strategic Highway Corridor (SHC) in the Statewide Transportation Plan adopted by the Board of Transportation on September 2, 2004. Many transportation needs can be satisfied through this study's potential alignment of I-74, including the completion of a vital section of the proposed I-74 interstate from Michigan to South Carolina, as well as the achievement of an important milestone in the Governor's and the North Carolina Department of Transportation's (NCDOT) goals for southeastern North Carolina. This particular corridor can be seen on the Vision Plan for Southeastern NC.

The regional goal of the Governor's plan is to provide an economic boost for the area with this new interstate (I-74) in conjunction with other projects such as interstate I-20 and the extension of the Wilmington Outer Loop. The addition of the proposed I-74 interstate in southeastern North Carolina will be an excellent upgrade to North Carolina's transportation infrastructure and should improve safety and efficiency as well as ignite long-term economic growth in this area of our state. In addition, as stated in the SHC Policy Statement (712 KB), "these corridors are critical to statewide mobility and connectivity and promote a vision of modern, efficient transportation supportive of economic opportunities and environmental excellence."

This feasibility study addresses additional alignment alternatives for the proposed Interstate 74 from Union Valley Road (SR 1585) in Whiteville, Columbus County to the South Carolina state line in Brunswick County. This study is the initial step in the planning and design process for this project and is not the product of exhaustive environmental or design investigations. The purpose of this study is to describe the proposed project, including costs, and to identify potential problems that may require consideration in the planning and design phases. The study proposes a four-lane divided interstate freeway with full control of access including a variable median from 46 to 70 feet, 12-foot travel lanes, 10-foot full depth outside and 4-foot full depth inside paved shoulders, interchanges, grade separations and service roads within a minimum state maintained right-of-way of 350 feet.

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Study Area

The study corridor begins west of the US 74-76 interchange with US 701 in Whiteville and continues along existing US 74-76 to 1.25 miles west of Bolton. It proceeds southward on new location to the Columbus/Brunswick county line. The study corridor travels southward alongside existing NC 211 from the county line to US 17 in Supply. The I-74 corridor then turns southwest and travels along the US 17 corridor, utilizing the Shallotte Bypass, and finally terminating at the South Carolina state line. The total length of the project varies from 63.3 miles to 65.5 miles, depending on which alignments are selected.

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