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NC 119 Relocation Corridor Map
Project Fast Facts
  • Status: Projects Under Development
  • County: Alamance
  • Type of Project: Projects Under Development
  • STIP Number: U-3109
  • Estimated Cost: $101,919,500
  • Property Acquisition Start: Section A: Current Schedule is winter, 2015, but is subject is change pending STI project reprioritization process. Section B: 2030
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The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) proposes to relocate NC 119 in Mebane from I-85 to existing NC 119 near Mrs. White Lane (SR 1918) in Alamance County. The project is listed in the NCDOT’s Draft 2009-2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) as TIP Project No. U-3109.

Existing NC 119, a mostly two-lane roadway, is routed through the city of Mebane along Fifth Street, US 70, Third Street, Graham Street and First Street, which causes through traffic to make several turns and stops through town. NC 119 travels through neighborhoods as well as the Central Business District (CBD) of Mebane. In downtown Mebane, NC 119 runs concurrently with US 70, and parallels the railroad to the south and many shops and businesses to the north.

The relocation of NC 119 was first presented in the Alamance County Urban Area Thoroughfare Plan in 1990. The NCDOT started planning and environmental studies for the project in 1994 and the first Citizens Informational Workshop was held in January 1995. Since then, citizen informational workshops, small neighborhood meetings, and a community-wide charette have been held.

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News and Updates

The Record of Decision (ROD) for the project was approved by the Federal Highway Administration on December 22, 2009. This is the final decision document, approving the selected alternative (Alternative 9) and specifying commitments made during the project planning process. A copy of the ROD is attached below.

The NC 119 Relocation project is broken into two sections for construction phasing, Sections A and B. Section A extends fromI-40 to Mebane Rogers Road. Section B extends from Mebane Rogers Road to the northern end of the project at Mrs. White Lane (SR 1918). This is a change from the first section break, which occurred just north of US 70. The change was made to facilitate traffic movement to downtown Mebane before Section B is constructed.

The current schedule calls for right-of-way acquisition in Section A to begin in late 2013, with construction beginning approximately two years later, in 2015. Section B is a long range project, with right-of-way acquisition not scheduled until 2019 and construction in 2022.

Preparation of the final roadway design is underway. The final design is based on detailed topographic and property boundary surveys. The NCDOT right-of-way agents use these plans in determining the right-of-way, permanent utility easements, and temporary construction easements that must be acquired prior to construction.

Public Meetings

A Design Public Hearing was held on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at the Mebane Arts and Community Center to obtain public comments on the preliminary roadway design for the Preferred Alternative, Alternative 9. Approximately 162 citizens attended the hearing and/or the pre-hearing open house. Approximately 50 verbal and written comments were received. Responses to the comments are provided in the Post-Hearing Meeting Minutes, attached below.

Citizens Informational Workshops

Three Citizens Informational Workshops have been held for the Mebane project at various locations, including South Mebane Elementary School and the Mebane Arts and Community Center Complex. The initial workshop was held to present the project study area to the public. Following this workshop, the study area was expanded. A second workshop was held to show the expanded study area to the public and to get additional comments. A third workshop was held to show the detailed study alternative corridors to the public and to get citizens' input.

NC 119 Relocation Steering Committee

The NCDOT Public Involvement Program for the NC 119 Relocation is designed to increase citizen participation in the transportation decision making process and to identify the most important issues regarding the project from the perspective of the local communities.

The NC 119 Relocation Steering Committee was formed in June 2004 to assist in achieving these goals. The Steering Committee is composed of residents representing the neighborhoods and the business community of the Greater Mebane area. The Steering Committee includes 18 community representatives and 2 members of the local business association. The Steering Committee is responsible for representing their local communities and for working with the NCDOT to organize community meetings and keep their neighborhoods informed about the project's progress. The Steering Committee Co-Chairs are Mr. Michael Jackson (White Level) 919-563-2032 and Mr. Steve Cole (Woodlawn) 919-563-3554.

On June 24 and October 7, 2004, March 30, 2006, and November 13, 2008 the Steering Committee and local citizens met with NCDOT to discuss the NC 119 Relocation and related issues identified by the groups and neighborhoods they represent. These issues included:

  • access control and local street connections to proposed NC 119 Relocation
  • potential for increased traffic volumes (including truck traffic) on area roads
  • advantages and disadvantages of alternatives being considered
  • relationship of the NC 119 Relocation project to other long-range transportation improvement plans
  • potential for growth within the study area as a result of the proposed project
  • potential impacts to water quality and watershed water supply critical area
  • potential impacts to historic properties
  • right-of-way acquisitions and possible displacements
  • timeline for project activities and decision-making process
  • project cost
  • studying a traffic signal at NC 119 and US 70, in addition to NC 119 and Mrs. White Lane

For information on the Community Impact Assessment and The Mebane Community Facilitation Project (Wills Duncan Group, Inc.) click here.

Environmental Impact Statements

The NCDOT has completed the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and Section 4(f) as well as the functional and preliminary designs for the NC 119 Relocation project. The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Section 4(f) also have been completed for the NC 119 Relocation project. The DEIS and Section 4(f) and FEIS and Section 4(f) include documentation of the purpose and need for the project, alternatives considered, existing conditions in the human and natural environments, adverse and beneficial environmental consequences of the alternatives, and public and agency coordination.

The DEIS and Section 4(f) document can be viewed here:

The FEIS and Section 4(f) document can be viewed here:

The Federal Highway Administration has issued a Record of Decision (ROD) for the NC 119 Relocation project. The ROD identifies the selected alternative for the proposed Relocation of NC 119. The ROD also identifies all alternatives considered, the environmental factors evaluated, measures to avoid and minimize harm, as well as comments on the FEIS. The ROD can be viewed here:

Project Overview and Purpose

NC 119 in Alamance County serves the dual functions of providing the primary regional north-south route between I-85 south of Mebane and US 58 in southern Virginia as well as providing north-south access to downtown Mebane. The project is needed to address the following existing and anticipated conditions.

  • The City of Mebane is experiencing large amounts of growth and is anticipated to continue growing. According to the travel demand model for the Burlington-Graham Urban Area, existing NC 119, which is routed along a circuitous route through the town of Mebane on Fifth Street, US 70, and First Street, will not serve the anticipated future traffic for 2025. The existing and anticipated future traffic congestion along NC 119 would cause travel delays, increase the potential for accidents, and contribute to increased noise and air pollution.
  • Motorists and emergency vehicles may not be able to get to all parts of town without experiencing train delays at existing at-grade railroad crossings, specifically Fifth Street and US 70. In addition, the railroad line that runs through the City of Mebane is part of the Southeast High Speed Rail Study Corridor.
  • Currently, within the Alamance County Urban Area, few primary north/south routes exist and there are few circumferential roads in Mebane. Due to Mebane's convenient location to the Triangle and the Triad, existing NC 119 also serves commuter traffic for people working outside of Mebane and Alamance County.

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Project Highlights


  • October 2007 - Issue Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and Section 4(f)
  • January 15, 2008 - Corridor Public Hearing
  • June 2008 - Select Preferred Alternative for NC 119
  • June 2009 – Issue Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Section 4(f)
  • December 2009 – Issue Record of Decision (ROD)
  • September 2013 – Right-of-Way acquisition begins for Section A, from I-40 to Mebane Rogers Road.
  • October 2015 – Construction contract will be let for Section A.
  • March 2019 – Right of Way acquisition begins for Section B, from Mebane Rogers Road to Mrs. White Lane. (schedule subject to reprioritization)
  • February 2022 – Construction contract will be let for Section B. (schedule subject to reprioritization)
  • To learn more about NCDOT’s reprioritization process, click here.

Note: *According to the 5-Year Work Program. This schedule is subject to change.

Current Activities:

Now that the environmental analyses are completed and the Record of Decision is approved, the NCDOT has begun work on the Final Roadway Design Plans for the project. These plans are used by NCDOT Right-of-Way Agents to determine property impacts. The Final Roadway Design Plans are based on very detailed property and topographic survey data. They include information on the location of temporary construction easements, permanent utility easements, and the construction phasing plan. The plans for the NC 119 Relocation project will be completed in 2012.

What's Next:

Once the Final Roadway Design Plans are complete a Final Design Field Inspection meeting will be held to ensure that no additional changes are necessary and all commitments are fulfilled. The approved Final Roadway Design Plans will then be sent to our Right-of-Way Unit. After the Board of Transportation authorizes funds, NCDOT Right-of-Way Agents will begin contacting affected property owners.

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Resources for Local Property Owners

In many cases, it is inevitable that a certain amount of private property must be acquired. The displacement of homes and businesses is minimized to the extent practicable. The following brochures will answer questions about this process.