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For more information and general questions regarding bridges:

  • Phone: 1-877-DOT-4YOU (1-877-368-4968)
  • Email: Contact Us

For information regarding administration of bridge policies and procedures contact Bridge Management:

For bridge load and permit questions contact the Oversize / Overweight Permits Unit:

North Carolina’s bridges are safe. The North Carolina Department of Transportation has a comprehensive bridge program to closely monitor our bridges for safety. The state’s bridges are critical to the movement of our people and transportation of products from manufacturers and farms. We are making strategic investments to repair and replace substandard bridges to provide better access across the state and help fuel economic growth.

A short fact sheet about North Carolina’s overall bridge program and procedures is available for download.

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High Profile Projects

Bonner Bridge
Bonner Bridge spans the Oregon Inlet and connects Hatteras Island to the mainland, in Dare County.

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Bridge Improvement Program

The primary goal of the state-funded Bridge Improvement Program is to improve the condition of North Carolina’s bridges through replacement, rehabilitation and preservation projects.

Educating the Public

Inspection Procedures

  • Every bridge in North Carolina is inspected at least every two years in accordance with the National Federal Standard for Bridge Inspection.
  • Structural problems identified during inspections are addressed by NCDOT bridge maintenance crews or through contract repairs.
  • NCDOT allocates $12 million annually for bridge inspections.

Maintenance & Replacement

  • NCDOT's budget includes $65 million annually for bridge maintenance.
  • The department's 2009-2015 State Transportation Improvement Program includes $1 billion to replace 838 bridges across the state.
  • To be eligible for federal bridge replacement funding, bridges must have a sufficiency rating of less than 50.

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