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Project Fast Facts
  • County: Mecklenburg
  • Type of Project: Bridge and Roadway
  • STIP Number: U-5008
  • Cost: $31 Million
  • Start Date: October 2015
Sugar Creek Road Grade Separation / Craighead Road Crossing Closure


This project is among a series of improvements to the North Carolina Railroad between Raleigh and Charlotte to increase railroad capacity, efficiency, and safety. The N.C. Department of Transportation is proposing to construct a new bridge carrying Sugar Creek Road over the North Carolina Railroad tracks. The project will also close the railroad crossing at Craighead Road.

News and Updates

The project is underway. Utilities are in the process of being relocated, and the work on the bridge will begin once the utility relocations are complete.

Project Overview and Purpose

  • This section of the North Carolina Railroad (NCRR) currently hosts over thirty Norfolk Southern Railroad freight trains and eight Amtrak trains per day. This is part of the busiest railroad corridor in North Carolina.
  • Freight train volumes are expected to double over the next 20 years.
  • Two additional Amtrak round trips are expected after 2017 and up to 20 total passenger train trips by 2035.
  • Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Blue Line light rail is being extended north to UNC-Charlotte. During rush hour, a Blue Line Train will cross through the project area every 6 minutes.
  • Building a new bridge for Sugar Creek Road to replace the existing highway/railroad crossings and closing the crossing at E. Craighead Road will reduce the risk of vehicle/train collisions, improve safety for vehicles and rail passengers, and reduce traffic congestion in the area. Removing the railroad crossings will also eliminate train horn noise .
  • This section of the railroad is a part of the federally-designated Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor (SEHSR) connecting the northeast and the southeast. These improvements will allow long-term implementation of the corridor.

Project Highlights

  • Permanently close the existing Craighead Road railroad crossing.
  • Construct a bridge carrying Sugar Creek Road over the existing and future railroad tracks.
  • Realign North Davidson Street to the intersection of Sugar Creek Road and Redwood Avenue and construct intersection improvements.
  • Extend Bearwood Avenue under the proposed Sugar Creek Road bridge to a new intersection with the realigned N. Davidson Street.
  • Construct a new connector road from the existing Greensboro Street/East Sugar Creek Road intersection to Raleigh Street, east of the proposed Sugar Creek Road bridge
  • Remove the existing Northmore Street/Sugar Creek intersection.

Contact Information

Kevin Bridges, P.E.
Resident Engineer

Send a message
(980) 523-0080
7605 District Drive
Charlotte, NC 28213

Resources for Local Property Owners

In many cases, it is inevitable that a certain amount of private property must be acquired. The displacement of homes and businesses is minimized to the extent practicable. The following brochures will answer questions about this process.