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US 15 / 501 Superstreet

This project is no longer active, and this page is no longer being updated.
Please contact NCDOT for more information.
US 15 / 501 Superstreet Logo
Fast Facts:

Est. Completion Date: Late 2007

Project Cost: $4,989,838.30

Project Team:

Region(s): Piedmont,Triangle

Construction Progress Report

News & Updates:

Currently there are no news & updates available.

Why is this project necessary?

Currently, there are large amounts of traffic on U.S. 15/501 passing through the intersection of Erwin Road/ Europa Drive. The combined factors of heavy traffic flow on U.S. 15/501 and the current traffic flow to/from businesses in the area have raised concerns for motorist and pedestrian safety. The constant congestion results in multiple back-ups and long delays in traffic movement; moreover, constant idling results in higher vehicle emissions.

Project Highlights:

  • Project end result - U.S. 15/501 will be widened and the current intersection at Europa Drive/Erwin Road will be removed. Two u-turn points will be placed approximately 800 feet north and south of the current intersection on U.S. 15/501. The u-turns will redirect traffic flow, creating an elongated traffic circle to better handle traffic at the intersection.

  • Benefits of the project - The "Superstreet" project will reduce traffic congestion on U.S. 15/501 at the intersection of Erwin Road/ Europa Drive during peak hours of travel. A new bike trail and pedestrian crosswalk will also be added to the intersection.

  • Closures, detours, and/or delays - Dobbins Drive between Sage Road and Erwin Road will be closed for about six months. This section of Dobbins Drive will be reconstructed further away from U.S. 15/501 South. During construction, no lanes will be closed on U.S. 15/501 during peak travel hours (i.e. morning commute, daytime, evening commute, etc.) . Construction will not effect travel on holidays and during any major events in the area. Construction crews will also use devices such as message boards, to advise motorists traveling through the area of traffic conditions.

  • Public involvement - City representatives have been involved in the planning stages of the project. Local residents and businesses have been informed by informational flyers and handouts as well as press releases sent to local media outlets. A public information meeting was held on July 13, 2006 for local residents and business representatives.

Contact Information:

If you would like to receive e-mail updates about this project or have a general project question:

Resident Engineer, Donnie Huffines

  • Ph:1-800-228-8540
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