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US 70 is one the primary east-west corridors traversing Eastern NC. The corridor is the major facility connecting the Raleigh, Smithfield, Goldsboro, Kinston, Havelock, and Morehead City areas. With a major deep-water port located in Morehead City, the corridor is heavily used for freight movement. In Kinston, the Global Transpark, an air-truck transfer facility that also serves as a commercial service airport, is situated just north of the corridor. Additionally, two military bases are located just off US 70 - Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro and Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station in Havelock.

During the summer months, motorists headed to the Crystal Coast beaches frequently use the corridor. Equally important, US 70 serves as a major hurricane evacuation route in event of an oncoming storm. Traffic volumes along the corridor vary, but are highest in the Clayton and Goldsboro areas. This facility is also an important piece of multiple highway systems. The entire corridor is included in the National Highway System (NHS), the North Carolina Intrastate System, and the National Military Highway System, also known as STRAHNET. The importance of this corridor has also been recognized in the Rural Prosperity Task Force Report, as one of three corridors statewide that should be improved to assist economic development in the primarily rural areas.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is currently undertaking multiple activites to improve passenger and freight movement along the US 70 Corridor from Raleigh to the State Port at Morehead City. This website contains information regarding the current activities along the Corridor.

Please visit the US 70 Corridor Commission's Super 70 Corridor Website for additional information.

Access Management Study

The North Carolina Department of Transportation partnered with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. to conduct an access management study along US 70. The purpose of ths study is to evaluate existing operational characteristics and safety concerns along the corridor and develop a conceptual access management plan that reinforces the primary function of this Strategic Highway Corridor for protecting mobility between regional destinations. This study was orignally prepared for section of US 70 in Division 4 (Johnston and Wayne Counties), but was further expanded to include the remaining corridor in Division 2 (Lenoir, Jones, Craven, and Carteret Counties).

View the US 70 Access Management Study Report (4 MB)

View the recommendations on detailed map sheets:

Johnston and Wayne Counties (Division 4 - Phase I)

Lenoir, Jones, Craven, and Carteret Counties (Division 2 - Phase II)

Havelock Bypass DEIS

Find below the Havelock Bypass DEIS


Download the US 70 Corridor TIP Projects Map (291 KB)

Goldsboro Bypass
TIP #:  R-2554
Description  West of NC 581 to East of SR 1323; Four-Lane Freeway on New Location.
Counties:  Wayne, Lenoir
Length:  20.6 miles
Planning/Design:  Planning Complete, Design in Progress
Right of Way Acquistion:  In Progress
Construction:   Part Complete, Construction of Remaining Sections Scheduled for 2012
Cost:  $342 Million

Kinston Bypass
TIP #:  R-2553
Description  Four-Lane Freeway on New Location.
County:  Lenoir
Length:  12.4 miles
Planning/Design:  In Progress
Right of Way Acquistion:  Scheduled to Begin in 2020
Construction:  Unfunded
Cost:  $183 Million

Havelock Bypass
TIP #:  R-1015
Description  North of Pine Grove to North of the Carteret County Line; Four-Lane Freeway on New Location.
County:  Craven
Length:  9.0 miles
Planning/Design:  In Progress
Right of Way Acquistion:  Scheduled to Begin in 2013
Construction:  Scheduled to Begin in 2015
Cost:  $160 Million

Improvements in Beaufort (Including Gallants Channel Bridge Repacement)
TIP #:  R-3307
Description  Four Lanes at Radio Island to US 70 North of Beaufort near SR 1303 (Pinners Point); Construct Multi-lane Facility, Part on New Location.
County:  Carteret
Length:  2.2 miles
Planning/Design:  In Progress
Right of Way Acquistion:  Underway
Construction:  Scheduled to Begin in 2012
Cost:  $95 Million

Improvements near Pine Level
TIP #:  W-5107
Description  Median Cross-Over Closures and Upgrades of Two Intersections to Interchanges.
County:  Johnston
Length:  2 miles
Planning/Design:  Planning Complete, Design in Progress
Right of Way Acquistion:  Scheduled to Begin in 2012
Construction:  Scheduled to Begin in 2013
Cost:  $9 Million

Information last updated Feb. 03, 2012

Corridor Summit

The US 70 Corridor Summit was held on May 11, 2005 at the Global Transpark Education and Training Center from 10:00 to 3:00. The goals of the Summit were to discuss and explain the current & short term activities along the corridor, including all projects; discuss the long-term vision for the corridor; and to present information on non-traditional and innovative funding mechanisms for financing construction projects. Approximately 170 elected officials, staff, and other stakeholders attended the meeting.

View the handouts at the Summit:

View the presentations given at the Summit:

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