August 24-28, 
Asheville, North Carolina

Transportation.The driving force of a strong economy.

Download Presentations

Opening Plenary Session

August 26, Late Morning

Detour Ahead Preparing Today for Tomorrows Challenges (.zip, 41MB)

Technical Sessions

August 26, Afternoon

"Get 'Er Done!" Faster Process and Project Implementation (.zip, 20MB)

"On the Tracks" to Development Opportunities (.zip, 94MB)

Developing the 21st Century DOT: A Whole Lot of Shaping Going On (.zip, 12MB)

Making the Most of What You've Got: Optimizing Existing Resources (.zip, 14MB)

August 26, Late Afternoon

Looking at Design in a New (3D) Way (.zip, 155MB)

Landing the Big Fish—Transportation Investment and Economic Impact (.zip, 265MB)

Don't Detour the Message: A Roadmap to Effective Communications & Community Engagement (.zip, 103MB)

If You've Got It, Flaunt It! Marketing Our Assets (.zip, 117MB)

August 27, Morning

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo? Better Project Selection Processes (.zip, 14MB)

Stretching Your DOT Dollar: Financial Options (.zip, 4MB)

DOTs on Steroids: Performance-Enhancing Technology (.zip, 18MB)

Where is the Data Driving Us? Traffic Operations and Safety Evaluations (.zip, 17MB)

August 27, Late Morning

Good Grief! Still Trying to Speed Up NEPA (.zip, 13MB) meets Public-Private Partnerships (.zip, 250MB)

"You Did WHAT?" Innovative Project Delivery (.zip, 48MB)

Getting Blood Out of a Turnip: Freeway Optimization Strategies (.zip, 17MB)

August 27, Afternoon

Making the Fix Fit: Context Sensitive Design (.zip, 11MB)

Pennies from Heaven…How Can We Get More Money Down Here? Creative Revenue Solutions (.zip, 14MB)

What's at Risk? Beyond Traditional Design-Build (.zip, 107MB)

Got Geritol? Prescriptions for Aging Interstates (.zip, 25MB)

August 27, Closing Session

SASHTO 2013 Closing Session (.zip, 166MB)

Boards and Commissioners Meeting

August 26

Lambert Board of Directors Commissioner Meeting (.zip, 3MB)

Vandenberg NC Maritime Strategy (.zip, 10MB)

Boards and Commissioners Session Leigh Lane (.zip, 764K)

Sunday PM Roundtables

August 25

Safety, Performance and Asset Management (.zip, 10MB)

Planning and Program Delivery (.zip, 764K)

Freight Planning (.zip, 419k)