August 24-28, 
Asheville, North Carolina

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Sponsorship Opportunities

How to Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

To ensure complimentary registrations are properly applied, register as a sponsor before registering for the conference.

Become a Sponsor in Person

Sign up in Person

To register as a sponsor, hand-deliver your check for the full amount, made payable to SASHTO 2013 along with this completed form (form is desired but not required), to the NCDOT Transportation Building (Room 132), 1 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27601.

Become a Sponsor By Mail

Sign up by Mail

Alternatively, you can mail your check, along with this completed form (form is desired but not required), to SASHTO 2013, Attn: Beth Smith, 1536 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1536.

If you wish to host a hospitality room, include with your check an indication in writing of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice in hospitality areas, both space and night (see below for more information on hospitality areas).

Become a Sponsor

For more information on Sponsorships, contact Missy Pair at (919) 707-6005.

Request Form

Looking to sponsor SASHTO 2013? Submit this form with your payment.

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Sponsor Levels

Additional Benefits - - - - -
Delegate Registrations 4 3 2 1 -
Conference Rate Rooms at Omni Grove Park Inn 4
(3 nights) ★1
(3 nights) ★1
(3 nights) ★1
(3 nights) ★1
Golf Tournament Registrations Sold Out!
Trade Show Booth Yes ★2 Yes ★2 - - -
Hospitality Area 2nd round choice ★3 3rd round choice ★3 - - -
Conference Program Listing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsor Banner Listing Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Website Link Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Company Profile in Registration Packet Yes Yes Yes - -

Golf Sponsorship

Sold Out!

The Golf Tournament Sponsorship is sold out. This event is being sponsored by Hatch Mott MacDonald.

Additional Benefits

Additional Information

4 nights are Saturday through Tuesday; 3 nights are Sunday through Tuesday.
Trade Show booth includes one 8'x10' booth, and listing in conference program under Trade Show. Regular price is $3,400 and includes 2 conference registrations. For Platinum, Diamond and Gold Sponsors, the number of complimentary delegate registrations shown in table above INCLUDES the trade show registrations. For instance, a Platinum Sponsor gets 5 total complimentary registrations, not 7.
Order of payment received determines priority within a given level (choice round). For example, if there are two sponsors at the Platinum Level, first choice goes to the Platinum sponsor whose payment is received first, second choice to the second Platinum payment received, and third choice goes to the first payment received at the Diamond Level.
Club Suites are adults only. No children allowed, and no roll-away beds.

Hospitality Areas

Potential Spaces Available

Hospitality rooms can be hosted Sunday night after 8:30 or Monday night after 6:00. This is a list of spaces at the Omni Grove Park Inn that we have identified as the best potential hospitality areas.

If you are interested in an area not listed, ask about it; this is not an exhaustive list of available spaces.

Floor Plans

The Omni Grove Park Inn floor plans show the locations of these spaces; as sponsors reserve spaces, these floor plans will be updated to show remaining availability.

More Information

More detailed information on each of the rooms, including dimensions can be found on the Omni Grove Park website.

Space Name Features
Horizons Bar
  • Front part of Horizons Restaurant
Sammons Balcony
  • Outdoor
  • Covered
  • Renovations (to be complete by conference) will turn this into a bar.
  • Heritage Ballroom A – inclement weather backup
Skyline Rm/Mtn View Terrace
  • Large room with mountain-view windows
  • Opens onto terrace
Magnolia Lounge
  • Corner bar area of hallway
  • Mountain-view windows
  • Not a discrete room, but on main route
  • Receives through-foot traffic
Heritage Ballroom B
Heritage Ballroom C
Laurel Suite
Elaine's Terrace
Elaine's Dueling Piano Bar
Vanderbilt Terrace
  • Outdoor
  • Uncovered
Country Club
  • Very large space with various rooms
  • Detached from Inn
  • Transportation not provided by conference

Assignment of Hospitality Areas

To register as a sponsor and secure your choice of hospitality space, you must submit your payment for the full amount (check made payable to SASHTO 2013), and indicate in writing your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice in hospitality areas (both space and night). Verbal commitments will not be used to assign hospitality spaces. Checks can be hand-delivered to Room 132 of the Transportation Building, 1 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27601, or mailed to SASHTO 2013, Attn: Beth Smith, 1536 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1536.

Once your payment is received, you will be put in the hospitality space choice queue, depending on the sponsorship level. Priority for hospitality spaces will be given to Platinum sponsors until February 1, at which time Diamond and Gold sponsors will be assigned their spaces based on the order of checks received. If, when your turn to choose comes up, your first three choices of spaces have all been taken, you will be contacted to discuss remaining available spaces.

In the month of January, Platinum sponsors will be assigned their hospitality space as follows: the first Platinum Sponsor (that is, the one whose check was received first) gets their first choice of hospitality space. The second Platinum sponsor (the one whose check was received second) gets their first choice, unless it's already taken, in which case they get their second choice. Likewise, the third Platinum sponsor gets their top available choice. In order to allow time for Platinum sponsors to register, we will not assign any hospitality spaces to Diamond or Gold sponsors until February 1. On February 1, we will assign spaces to Diamond sponsors in the order their checks were received, and then to Gold sponsors in the order their checks were received.

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