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Investigations Branch

The Investigations Unit conducts investigations related to any fraud, waste, abuse or employee misconduct involving N.C. Department of Transportation business.

The Investigations Unit conducts investigations based on complaints received through the NCDOT Fraud Hotline, referrals, internal sources and management requests.

NCDOT Fraud Hotline

The NCDOT Fraud Hotline (1-888-4-DOT-TIP), which is provided by an external vendor, allows employees and the public to anonymously report any instances of alleged fraud, misuse, waste or abuse of assets, employee misconduct, or any policy or procedure violations which may result in fraud, misuse or abuse on NCDOT assets.

The Investigations Unit investigates the complaints, and if necessary, refers them to the appropriate NCDOT division or unit for follow-up and resolution.

The Investigations Unit works directly with and serves as a liaison to local, state and federal law enforcement entities for any complaints related to crimes committed against NCDOT.

6/7/2019 6:07 PM