The Office of Inspector General is charged with improving the department’s effectiveness and governance, as well as promoting its commitment to integrity in accordance with the following NCDOT core value statement: "We earn and maintain trust by responsibly managing the state’s assets, acting ethically and holding ourselves accountable for our actions."

OIG was created in 2008 to help monitor the agency’s activities and uphold its ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability in all its operations.

In accordance with House Bill 1401, “An Act to Enact the North Carolina Internal Audit Act,” and federal requirements set forth in 49 CFR, part 26, the office’s key functions are to conduct audits and investigations; evaluate risk management systems and internal controls; promote accountability, efficiency and integrity; ensure compliance with laws and regulations; and minimize incidences of fraud, waste and abuse.

OIG has consolidated all auditing functions within the department into three branches: Financial and Organizational Performance Audit Branch, External Audit Branch and the Investigations Branch.

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