The External Audit Branch oversees NCDOT’s work with external organizations, including audits of contracts and payments to organizations such as professional engineering companies, utility companies and railroad companies that do business with the department.

The External Audit Branch is comprised of three units:

  • Single Audit Compliance Unit
  • Consultant, Utility, Railroad and Turnpike Audit Unit

Single Audit Compliance Unit

The Single Audit Compliance Unit monitors federal pass through and state financial assistance from NCDOT to governmental and non-governmental entities. Monitoring guidance comes from the:

  • Federal and state Single Audit Acts;
  • OMB Circular A-133 (Audits of States, Local Governments and Non-Profit Organizations);
  • General Statute 143C-6-23 (Non-Profits State Funds Accountability Act-Reports on use of State Funds by Non-State Entities); and
  • Other federal and state sources.

Grant Data
The Grant Master List is a report that compiles grant data on each entity that receives funds from NCDOT during the fiscal year. Click on the links below to access the appropriate spreadsheets. The grantees are listed alphabetically.

To learn more about the grant data, click here to contact a member of SACU.

Other Links
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Consultant, Utility, Railroad and Turnpike Audit Unit

This unit reviews all proposed consultant contracts for the department and Turnpike Authority. This also includes municipal contracts in which the municipality wishes to use a consultant. Items to be reviewed include pay rates, overheads and other non-salary costs. Rail and utility projects are submitted to this office for review as well.

Consultants are required to submit annual overheads that are Federal Acquisition Regulation Compliant (FAR) compliant. For Audit Guide, click here.

Invoices to the department for these services are reviewed by this unit before forwarding them to Commercial Accounts for payment.