The Investigation Unit

The primary focus of the Investigation Unit is the detection, deterrence, and prevention of fraud, waste, abuse and employee misconduct. To accomplish these goals a fraud hotline was implemented and employees are educated on the characteristics of fraud and avenues of reporting concerns. Various analytical tools are used throughout the unit for criminal, civil and financial investigations in addition to digital forensics and analysis. This group also acts as liaison to local, state, and Federal law enforcement for crimes committed against NCDOT.

  • Digital & Computer Forensics
    Digital Forensics is an application of computer science and investigative techniques to analyze digital devices. Examples of digital devices include personal computer hard drives, flash drives and mobile communication devices (MCDs). Digital forensic tools include computer monitoring, digital device imaging, and analysis of digital data using specialized hardware and software.
  • Fraud Hotline
    The Fraud Hotline lets employees and the public anonymously report alleged misconduct, ethical violations, safety issues or waste related to NCDOT business. The hotline service is provided by an outside vendor to allow anonymity to callers. Incidents reported by phone or web page are investigated; some complaints may be referred to the appropriate division for resolution and follow-up.

Fraud Hotline logo

1-888-4-DOT-TIP / 1-888-436-8847

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