NCDOT UAS Knowledge Test

Study Guide

Flying safely is the responsibility of every UAS operator. Download the Study Guide and learn all the rules & regulations in North Carolina.

UAS Fact Sheets (Posters)


Rules for flying commercial/business drones.

Government Operations

This applies to State and local agencies, including educational institutions.


Rules for flying hobbyist or recreational drones.

North Carolina UAS Regulations

Summary of North Carolina Regulations

NCDOT Division of Aviation memo from February 2017.

General Statutes Fact Sheet (Poster)

Summary of Session Law 2014-100 & 2015-232 relating to UAS operations.

From the FAA

Safety Guidelines for Model Aircraft (UAS)

FAA AC 91-57A Change 1 - Model Aircraft Operating Standards

Summary of the Small UAS Rule

Summary of the new Small UAS Rule (Part 107), including all pilot and operating rules, which went into effect on August 29, 2016.

FAA Part 107 Study Guide

Download the remote pilot study guide to start preparing for the remote pilot test.

Small UAS Advisory Circular - How to Use the Rule

This advisory circular provides additional detail on how to use the Part 107 rule.

Law Enforcement Guidelines for Suspected Unauthorized UAS Operations

Law Enforcement Reference Card