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To highlight the unlimited bicycling opportunities that North Carolina offers, the Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation designated a cross-state system of Bicycling Highways. These routes generally parallel the major highways along which cyclists often wish to travel, but offer a more lightly traveled alternative than the busy, major roads that are familiar to most people.

Nine different routes covering 3,000 miles of the best North Carolina has to offer comprise the current system.

Use this site to learn more about each of the routes, plan your bicycling trip, and use it during your trip to stay on course!

On the homepage, you can select each of the state bike routes to learn about the route.

On the Plan Your Trip page, you have the option to turn on multiple layers such as bike shops, historic districts, state parks, and campgrounds. You can also change the background of the map to satellite imagery or terrain. You can select a route to view turn-by-turn directions and an elevation profile.

Happy Trails!


This website provides information for the public about roadways in North Carolina and their general suitability for long-distance road cycling. Those involved with the development and publication of this website do not assume any liability for persons using this information or the routes suggested. Bicyclists are responsible for their own safety and should take appropriate precautions. Most of the bicycle routes are on roadways with no special provisions for bicyclists. Directive signage may or may not be present along the route. Users are advised to review state traffic laws, research current road conditions, and discuss plans with cyclists familiar with area roadways. This website uses the most current data available from the North Carolina Department of Transportation for state-designated bicycle routes. Information on this website may be out-of-date or inaccurate. The listing of any businesses, organizations, or other sources of information on this website does not represent endorsement.