Map Controls

To zoom in on the map, click the "+" icon. ()

To zoom out on the map, click the "-" icon. ()


To turn on/off layers, click on the layer icon. ()

Layer Descriptions
Full Screen Option

Click on full screen icon () to see the map in full screen mode.


To pan around the map, place the cursor on the map, click and drag.

Route Information

Upon selecting a route

Turn-by-turn directions

On the right hand side are turn-by-turn directions for the selected route.

Route Reversal Option

To reverse the route (change the starting point to the opposite end), click on the reverse () icon. The directions will start from the new location and elevation profile will update.

Elevation Profile

The elevation profile is shown along the bottom of the screen. To zoom in, zoom out, or pan on elevation profile, you may scroll and drag.

Update Starting Point

To adjust the location of your starting point, select orange dots located along the route.

Turn-by-turn directions
Turn-by-Turn Directions
Elevation Profile zoom in for more detail