Planning Grant Initiative

The NCDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Division and the Transportation Planning Branch offer the Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Grant Program to encourage municipalities to develop comprehensive bicycle plans and pedestrian plans. The program has reached communities of all sizes from all regions of the state.

To learn more about the Planning Grant Initiative, including how to apply, please visit the Planning Grant page on Connect NCDOT.

Regional Bicycle Plans

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Division helps regional organizations develop on-road and off-road bicycle route systems within a defined multi-county region. See map for both completed and ongoing regional plans from across the state. Learn more about the regional planning program on Connect NCDOT.


In 2013, the NCDOT Board of Transportation adopted a comprehensive pedestrian and bicycle plan for North Carolina. Walk Bike NC provides a synopsis of historic efforts, current trends and future strategies aimed at improving walking and bicycling conditions in the state. The plan is available at