Let's Go Biking!

Lessons should be taught in order within each teaching level. Concepts learned in earlier lessons provide a foundation for subsequent lessons.

The lessons for each grade grouping include a Discussion and Demonstration that occurs in the classroom and hands-on Skill-Building Activities which occur outdoors. Some lessons include a video to complement classroom instruction.

Note: Younger children spend more time learning basic concepts and have fewer on-bicycle lessons due to their developmental level. Older children spend more time practicing skills on bicycles with increasing complexity.

To view an individual lesson plan or corresponding video, select it from a particular teaching level on the chart. Visit the Downloads section to get the full lesson set.

Biking lesson concepts for K-5th grades
Lesson Concepts K-1 2-3 4-5
Gearing Up Classroom Lesson
Go By Bike Classroom Lesson Classroom Lesson
Signs, Signals, and Safety Classroom Lesson Classroom Lesson Classroom Lesson Video Lesson
Bicycling Basics Classroom Lesson Classroom Lesson Classroom Lesson Video Lesson
Bike Control Bicycle Lesson Bicycle Lesson Bicycle Lesson
Cooperative Riding Bicycle Lesson Bicycle Lesson
Basic Traffic Skills Bicycle Lesson

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