Technical Help

Information for Using Let's Go NC! Curriculum Materials

Downloading Curriculum Materials

You can download all curriculum materials to your computer including: lesson plans, lesson videos, and guidance materials for instructors. There are several ways to download materials.

  1. Download For Instructors Materials: on the Downloads menu, you can download the For Instructors materials individually including: Instructor's Guide, videos and checklist.
  2. Download Lesson Plans: on the Downloads menu, you can download the lesson plans individually or in sets by teaching level (K-1, 2-3, or 4-5). You can also download a set of all the balanced curriculum options for a teaching level.
  3. Download Videos: on the Downloads menu, you can download individual instructor videos. Lesson videos may be downloaded individually or by mode set (Walking or Biking). You can play each file with any video player that supports the .mp4 file type. If you play a video file this way, you must manually stop it during the pauses for discussion. For this reason, it is best to view the videos through the site by either playing them through the web or by downloading the full site (see 1 above).

Viewing Videos

  1. All videos on this site are embedded from YouTube and organized in a playlist.
  2. All videos can be viewed in the video player window or full screen mode. Click the Enlarge icon to change the view.
  3. Closed Captions may be turned on or off by clicking on the Closed Captions icon.