This section lists safety materials and education programs that are available through the Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation. Materials are organized by the targeted age level for which they are most appropriate. Within each age level, you may find an assortment of pamphlets, handouts, tests, curriculum, information sheets, posters, videos and other miscellaneous items.

Request Safety Materials

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  • By phone: (919) 707-2600
  • By fax: (919) 715-4421

Materials are provided in a downloadable format for general use unless otherwise specified. North Carolina agencies and residents may also request hard copies of the materials free of charge (up to 500 copies of each item, except as noted). For larger orders, please allow a minimum of three weeks for delivery.

Sorry, but we can only offer single hard copies of selected items to out-of-state agencies and residents.

Pamphlets & Handouts
  • Namron Says Be Safe on Your Bike (View)
  • Worksheets: Namron Says Be Safe on Your Bike (View)
  • Why Knock Yourself Out on Your Bike (View)
  • Bicyclists’ Rights and Responsibilities (View)
  • Bicycle Quick Check (View)
  • History of Bicycle Transportation (View)
  • Bicycle Inspection Form (View)
  • Bicycle Rodeo Certificate (View)
  • Conducting a Bicycle Repair Clinic (View)
  • Bicycling Smart Safety Tips (View)

  • What Do You Know About Bicycling? (View)
  • Find the 12 Hazards (View)
  • Parts of the Bicycle (View)
Video Library
  • Don’t Get Stuck: FIX IT! Bike Repair Clinic [ ? ]


Limit 3 posters per order.

  • Namron Says Be Safe on Your Bike! (View)
  • Wrong Way is the Wrong Way (View)
  • Frankenstein Helmet (View)
  • Bicycling Smart Safety Tips (View)
  • Be Responsible (View | Order)
  • Bicycle Safety Month (View | Order)
  • Be Predictable (View | Order)
For Parents / Teachers
  • Bicycle Safety and Your Child (View)
  • Do Your Kids Need a Bicycle Helmet? (View)
  • Conducting a Bicycle Repair Clinic (View)
  • Organizing a Bicycle Field Trip for Children (View)

Manuals & Guidebooks