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Imagine a community where your kids can walk or bike safely to school; where your family can take an evening stroll; where you can make a quick trip to the grocery store without getting in the car.

WalkBikeNC is a blueprint for improving walking and bicycling for North Carolina communities. The WalkBikeNC vision statement is:

North Carolina is a place that incorporates walking and bicycling into daily life, promoting safe access to destinations, physical activity opportunities for improved health, increased mobility for better transportation efficiency, retention and attraction of economic development, and resource conservation for better stewardship of our environment.

This plan is organized through the lens of five pillars. These pillars also serve as web portals that lead to action-oriented components of WalkBikeNC.



In North Carolina, almost 200 bicyclists and pedestrians are killed each year being struck by an automobile. Help us reduce this number!

Are you part of a public safety agency, an advocate or maybe an engineer or planner? Learn more about safety issues in North Carolina and how you can help.

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The rate of obesity in North Carolina adults has more than doubled in the past twenty years, from 13% in 1990 to 29.1% in 2011. As of 2011, only 46.8% of North Carolina adults were performing the minimum recommended amount of weekly physical activity (North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics).

Are you a public health official, an advocate, or a planner? Learn more about health issues in North Carolina and how you can help.

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Facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians generate economic returns through improved health, safety, and environmental conditions, raise property values, & attract visitors. In North Carolina's Outer Banks alone, bicycling is estimated to have an annual economic impact of $60 million and 1,407 jobs supported from the 40,800 visitors for whom bicycling was an important reason for choosing to vacation in the area.

Are you a member of a Chamber of Commerce, a public official, or a planner? Learn more about economic topics related to walking and bicycling in North Carolina, how WalkBikeNC recommends we continue to grow North Carolina's new economy, how North Carolina wants to be the next "Great Trail State," and how you can help.

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North Carolina is ranked 42nd for walking commute rates and 41st for bicycling commute rates in nationwide state rankings. Yet, in North Carolina communities that have been working diligently to create connected, walking and bicycle networks, commute rates are much higher. Carrboro, NC has a bicycle mode share of over 5%, one of the highest in the country.

Are you a transportation planner, engineer, or active pedestrian? Learn more about mobility issues in North Carolina and how you can help.

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North Carolina currently ranks tenth in the most populated states, with 9.5 million people. In the next 20 years, our population will increase to more than 12 million. If we can accommodate growth and development in a way that does not compromise the ability to conserve and steward our natural resources, North Carolina will continue to be an attractive state for business and tourism. This will require land use-transportation decisions that provide more choices and accessibility for walking, biking, and taking transit.

Are you an environmental or conservation official, an advocate, or a planner? Learn more about environment issues in North Carolina and how you can help.

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