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The N.C. Department of Transportation conducts business with hundreds of vendors and contractors every year. With their help, we’re able to connect people and places in North Carolina.

NCDOT Business Information

How to Get Started

Never worked with the department before? This brief guide will explain each of the steps your business must take before bidding on a project.

What's Next

Your business has met its prequalification requirements and is now ready to bid on projects. This section will show you how to take part in that process.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section to help make the process easier.

Value Management Office

NCDOT's Value Management Office ensures the department responsibly and efficiently uses resources and funding when building and improving North Carolina's transportation system.

The office oversees seven statewide programs that focus on streamlining operations, improving project quality and outcomes, reducing costs without compromising function and increasing the use of environmentally sound and energy-efficient practices and materials.

Although NCDOT uses these programs primarily with road and highway projects, projects related to all types of transportation contribute to the success of these programs.

To ensure they are viable for use in North Carolina's infrastructure, the Value Management Office also evaluates products that vendors, contractors and NCDOT staff would like to use and maintains a list of products that teams of experts have reviewed, vetted and approved for use.

New Product Information

Approved Product List

This section provides information about the NCDOT Approved Products, Seed, Producers/Suppliers, Technician Certifications, and the Minimum Sampling Guide that are used in the different stages of highway construction.

Evaluation Process

This program involves the approval of construction products used in the building of NCDOT highways and bridges.

Minimum Sampling Guide

This section provides information about the various NCDOT material types used in the different stages of highway construction.

Additional Resources

Highway Letting / Advertisements

Design Build

The Design Build group administers the Department's Design Build Program and, in concert with the Design Build Executive Committee, is authorized to contract up to 25 design build projects annually.

Interactive Purchasing System

View and bid on contracts available for commodities and services, including construction and maintenance of facilities (vertical construction).

Professional Services: Current Advertisements

NCDOT advertisements for professional and / or specialized services.

Project Letting

This section offers links to project advertisements and letting lists.

Bridge & Culvert Letting

This section offers information & documents to project letting lists.

Right of Way Remnant Property

This section offers information and a current location map of available property for sale by sealed bid.

Prosperity Zone

Contacts Map and List

The state of North Carolina is divided into eight Prosperity Zones. Each zone has a one-stop location to provide citizens and businesses with the ability to interact with multiple state agencies, and to encourage collaboration between agencies.

Business Programs Management

Business Opportunity and Workforce Development

NCDOT is committed to advancing North Carolina's economy by ensuring that ALL businesses have an equal opportunity to succeed. Our focus is on businesses that have been historically underutilized: minority, women and disabled-owned businesses. Increased participation by these businesses strengthens communities across the state.

Contractual Services

The Contractual Services Unit's mission is to provide optimal service to the contracting community as they conduct business with the NCDOT and other partners throughout the state.