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In response to House Bill 1005, Session Law 2007-551, the North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management coordinated the development of a statewide logistics plan that addresses the state's long-term economic, mobility and infrastructure needs.

The Logistics Task Force will review transportation systems in North Carolina including roads and highways, airports, ports, multimodal transportation and railroads.

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Statewide Logistics Plan

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Best Practices Subcommittee


The Governor’s Logistics Task Force Best Practices Subcommittee is charged with studying what other states and/or countries have done successfully in regards to logistics and determining which of those best practices North Carolina might want to use.

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Best Practices Subcommittee Recommendations

Commerce Subcommittee


The Commerce Subcommittee will examine the state’s largest exporters, determine where their products are going and by what method of transportation those products leave the state. The subcommittee will identify the state’s top five export destinations as well as ways the state can help move freight faster and more efficiently. The subcommittee will also work to identify emerging industries that may become leading exporters.

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Commerce Subcommittee Recommendations

Governance Subcommittee


The Governance Subcommittee will examine how the State of North Carolina governs logistics. It will look at what other states do to support their logistics chain and connect their states nationally and globally. The subcommittee will also determine whether a new, more streamlined state organizational structure would better support the movement of people and freight.

Governance Subcommittee Recommendations

Regional Hub Design Subcommittee


The Governor’s Logistics Task Force Regional Hub Design Subcommittee is charged with exploring the feasibility of regional transportation hubs to make sure the entire state of North Carolina is able to move goods efficiently. The subcommittee will work closely with the Seven Portals Study research team in this effort.

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Regional Hub Design Subcommittee Recommendations

N.C. Maritime Study


As the expansion of the Panama Canal nears its scheduled 2014 completion, and the U.S. recognizes the increasing importance of exports to national and regional economic growth, the State of North Carolina has developed the North Carolina Maritime Strategy.

This study evaluated the current and future role the maritime industry plays in sustaining North Carolina’s efforts to create jobs and strengthen the economy across the State. Initiated by the Governor’s Logistics Task Force (GLTF), the North Carolina Maritime Strategy took a fresh look at North Carolina’s maritime assets and the needs for improvement to ensure that our State remains competitive in the future.

A Maritime Strategy Executive Team oversaw this process, evaluated the results and provided an objective technical and economic analysis.

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