Sample Written Test

Test your Driving Knowledge by taking a short online test using sample questions from the official test.

Getting your license is a big responsibility. Detailed up-to-date information regarding Driver License testing can be found in the:

The Tests

Written Test

The knowledge test is about traffic laws and safe driving practices. Oral tests are available, upon request, for those who have difficulty reading.

Sign Test

All the information on the traffic signs test is in Driver's Handbook, Chapter 5. To pass the signs test, you must identify the traffic signs by color and shape and explain what each means.

Vision Test

Whether you are applying for a learner permit, an original license or a renewal license, your vision must be checked to see that you meet certain standards. If you need corrective lenses to bring your vision up to the required standards, you must wear the lenses at all times while driving and your license will indicate that you must wear corrective lenses. The penalty for driving without the proper corrective lenses is the same as driving without a license.

Driving Test

The driving test is an on-the-road demonstration of your driving ability. You must perform this test after you have passed all the other tests.

During the on-the-road test, you will be given an opportunity to perform basic driving patterns and to show your ability to drive safely with traffic.

For a complete listing of skills need for the driving test view the Driver Handbook, Chapter 1. A few key skills include:

  • Approaches to intersections, stop signs and traffic signals;
  • Backing;
  • Turn signals and use of the horn;
  • Following another vehicle
  • Three-point turnabout.