Duplicate License/ID Card
Get a duplicate license/ID if:
  • You lost your license/ID;
  • Your license/ID was stolen;
  • You changed your address;
  • You damaged your license/ID.
Driver License Renewal

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DMV Employee administering eye test
License Expiration

Your license is issued for a period of 5 or 8 years depending on your age.

  • Ages 18 to 65: 8 years
  • Age 66 or older: 5 years

The cost of a license & endorsements is based on the yearly charge.

Make an Appointment

Call ahead to your local DMV driver license office to schedule your visit to renew your license.

Detailed up-to-date information regarding the "Renewal & Replacement" of a NC Driver License can be found in the:

Driver License Renewal

Before your license expires, the DMV will mail you a reminder card explaining the number of years it will be valid. The reminder card is not required in order to renew and you may renew up to 6 months prior to expiration.

Step 1, Requirements

  • Your current or expired license, or proof of identity
  • If not already on file with DMV, Social Security card or proof of Social Security Number
  • Sign and vision tests
  • Pay fees (based on number of years until your license expires)

Step 2, Documents

Proof of Identity
  • If you do not have your current or expired license at renewal, you will need 2 documents from this category.
  • Acceptable Documents
Proof of Social Security
  • If the DMV does not have your Social Security number on file, you will need to bring your Social Security card or proof of your Social Security number by presenting one of the following documents:
  • Acceptable Documents

Step 3, Driver Tests & Pay Fees

The final step in obtaining your NC Driver License renewal is passing the tests and paying the appropriate fees.



Cash, money order, personal checks[?] and Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards are acceptable forms of payment for transactions at DMV Offices.

Driver License
Class A License [?] $5/yr
Class B License [?] $5/yr
Class C License [?] $5/yr
Duplicate License [?] $13
Motorcycle Endorsement $2.30/yr

Licensing Fees, Contact Information

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Renewal By Mail

You will need to meet certain criteria prior to having your license renewed by mail. The license issued will be temporary.


You must meet 1 of the following criteria:

  • Temporarily residing outside North Carolina for 30 or more days
  • Serving in the armed forces on active duty and are stationed outside North Carolina.

You may contact the DMV in regards to "renewal by mail," Contact Us.

If your name changes

A person whose name changes from the name stated on a driver license must notify DMV of the change within 60 days after the change occurs and obtain a duplicate driver license stating the new name. You must change your name listed by the Social Security Administration before you change the name on your driver license. You must use your full name and the name on your driver license must match the name used by the Social Security Administration.

Name changes can be completed with:

  • A certified marriage certificate issued by a governmental agency;
  • Documented proof from the courts or the Register of Deeds establishing that the name change was officially accomplished; or
  • A divorce decree which includes the name change.

Renewal, Replacement & Duplicate License Information

You can request a replacement or duplicate license in person at a DMV Driver License Office or by using our online service.

When can I request a replacement or duplicate license?

  • License has been lost or stolen
  • Change of address information
  • License damaged and/or unreadable

Online Service Restrictions

Online service is available
  • If DMV has your last image on file or
  • your valid social security number, individual taxpayer identification number or a U.S. Government document indicating legal presence on file.
Online service is not available
  • If you have a suspended license or
  • you have an outstanding debt with DMV, or
  • you are applying for a duplicate Commercial Driver License with a P or S endorsement. These are available only at driver license offices.
If you are requesting a duplicate license because of a name change:

First, change your name with the Social Security Administration. Please allow 24-36 hours for this change to be updated before you visit DMV.
Second, bring proof of your name change to a DMV Driver License Office.

Proof of Name Change documents may include:

  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Decree
  • Court Order
  • Affidavit

Questions? Call your local DMV Driver License Office.

Requesting a Duplicate License in Person

Step 1, Requirements & Documentation
  • Bring your original license or
  • if your license has been lost or stolen, please bring 2 documents from this category.
  • Acceptable Documents
Step 2, Pay Fee

Cash, money order, personal checks[?] and Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards are acceptable forms of payment for transactions at DMV Offices.

Replacement & Duplicate License Fee
Duplicate License [?] $13

Licensing Fees, Contact Information

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