Instructor Classes: When & Where

To become a Commercial Driver Education Instructor, you must attend an 80-hour Basic Driver Education Course.

School Bus Driver Training
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Detailed up-to-date information regarding the "requirements" for becoming a School Bus Driver can be found in the:

Step 1, Requirements & Documentation

To become a School Bus Driver you must

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be in possession of a valid NC DMV issued Commerical Driver License
  • Have at least 6 months of driving experience as a licensed operator of a motor vehicle
  • A valid health certificate
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Your Current Driving Record

At time of application, you must certify that;

  • Your license is not suspended, disqualified or revoked
  • You currently do not hold more than one Driver License

Medical & Physical Requirements

Every school bus driver should be physically and mentally competent to operate a school bus with ease. To do this, you must be in good physical condition.

If questions arise about a driver's physical condition, the DMV may require the driver to submit a completed medical report, before or after certification, provided by the DMV Driver License Section.

Step 2, Training, Testing & Fees

The final steps toward becoming a School Bus driver is mandatory training, testing and paying the fees. Contact any Driver License Office to obtain a complete and current list of School Bus Driver Training Schools.

To become a School Bus Driver you must

  • Enroll in a 3-day School Bus Driver Training Class.
  • Pass all required knowledge tests with 80% or better.
  • Schedule behind-the-wheel training with a Driver Education Specialist (DES).
  • Pass skills test.

To become an Activity Bus Driver you must

  • Obtain from a Driver Education Specialist (DES) a School Bus Driver Handbook to study.
  • Pass all required knowledge tests with 80% or better.
  • Pass skills test.


The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles accepts Cash, money orders, personal checks[?] and American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards at all NCDMV office locations.

Commercial Driver License
Application Fee [?] $40
CDL Endorsement $4/yr per Endorsement
Class A License, CDL [?] $20/yr
Class B License, CDL [?] $20/yr
Class C License, CDL [?] $20/yr
Duplicate License $13
Learner Permit, CDL [?] $20

Licensing Fees, Contact Information

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Suspensions & Revocations

In addition to the rules that apply to the driving public, Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders are required to follow rules specific to Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers in order to comply with the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act, maintain their CDL license and keep their school bus driving privileges.

Detailed up-to-date information regarding the "rules" for a NC Commercial Driver License can be found in the: