Commercial Driver Forms

When completing forms and documents read and follow the complete set of directions. Identification will be required for all services that are processed in person. View Acceptable Identification Documents .

Commercial Driver Training & Education
Instructor Physical Examination Report ( SBTS-602 ) Required upon initial employment
Personal History of School Owner or Manager ( SBTS-601 )
Proposed Plan of Operation ( SBTS-610 )
Register a Business Operating Under an Assumed Name ( SBTS-608 ) Business Application
Reimbursement of Commercial Driver License Expenses ( FORM605-EXP ) Reimbursement of CDL Expenses
Surety Bond ( SBTS-606 )
Training Instructor Application for License ( SBTS-612 ) Training Instructor Application
Training School Certificate of Deposit ( SBTS-607 ) Memorandum of Understanding
Training School License Application ( SBTS-600 ) Part 1 of 2
Training School License Application, Questionnaire ( SBTS-600A ) Part 2 of 2
Video Request Application ( Video Request )
Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing
Positive Drug Test Report for Current Employee ( CDL-8 ) Employee tested positive
Refusal to Submit to a Federal Drug or Alcohol Test ( CDL-9 ) Employee refused testing
Substance Abuse Professional Verification and Registry Form ( Sub Abuse Verif ) SAP Registration Form
International Registration Plan (IRP)
Apportioned Account Application ( IRP-A ) Account Application
Apportioned Equipment Application ( IRP-E ) Equipment Application
Apportioned Fleet Application ( IRP-F ) Fleet Application
Apportioned Mileage Application Page 1 ( IRP-M2 - Page 1 ) Page 1 of 2
Apportioned Mileage Application Page 2 ( IRP-M2 - Page 2 ) Page 2 of 2
Apportioned Supplemental Application ( IRP-S ) Supplemental Application
Apportioned Weight Group Schedule ( IRP-W ) Weight Group Schedule
IRP Manual International Registration Plan Manual
IRP-UMM Trip Permit Access Form Trip Permit User Maintenance Module
Self-Certification Form
Medical Certification for Commercial Driver License ( CDL-MED-1 ) Commercial Driver Medical Certification Form