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License and Theft Agent Job Opportunities

Law Enforcement Agents with the License and Theft Bureau are charged with the duties of enforcing the laws related to vehicle theft, document fraud, drivers license fraud, vehicle inspection fraud, and odometer rollback. They also have the responsibility to regulate vehicle dealers and manufacturers, inspection stations, towing and storage facilities, and repair businesses.

Our Basic School provides several weeks of intense training to prepare agents for the diverse job responsibilities they will encounter. Agents throughout the ranks also participate in on-going training in order to maintain and improve the professional standards of the Bureau. Specialized training is an essential part of this process.

Minimum Requirements

Inspector Minimum Requirements are:

  • 21 Years of Age
  • BLET Certified
  • Prior Law Enforcement Experience
  • Investigative Experience Preferred
  • Written Examination
  • Physical Abilities Assessment
    • 300 Meter run
    • Push-Ups
    • Sit-Ups
    • 1.5 mile run
  • Job and Personal Background History Check
  • Physical Examination - Drug Screening
  • Psychological
  • Polygraph