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'VETERAN' Driver License Designation

North Carolina military veterans can apply to carry the designation "VETERAN" on their driver licenses and identification cards.

Military veterans requested the designation to assist them in obtaining military discounts from a wide variety of retailers and service providers without having to show their military discharge form.

Putting the designation on the driver license or ID card will enable the state’s veterans to show their photo ID and their veteran status at the same time.

Veterans interested in applying for the designation should take their DD-214 discharge form to their local driver license office to show they been honorably discharged. They can request the designation be added to their license at their next renewal at no additional charge.

NCDMV accepts the following documents as proof of a veteran’s Honorable Discharge status:

  • DD-214 – Certificate of Release or Discharge
  • DD-215 – Certificate of Release or Discharge
  • WD AGO 53/55 – Report of Separation
  • NAVMC 78-PD – Notice of Separation
  • NAVPERS – Separation of Service

If a veteran would like to add the designation at any other time, they may present the discharge form and request a duplicate license for the usual fee at any driver license office.

Driver License

Attention: Armed Forces and Reserve Components of the Armed Forces

DMV offers special renewal services to members of the Armed Forces or a reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States. If you are a member of the Armed Forces or a reserve component of the Armed Forces, you may renew your driver license early before being deployed. To receive this service, you must provide orders that place you on active duty outside this state.

DMV also offers special return services to members of a reserve component of the Armed Forces whose license expired during active duty outside this state. A Reservist’s driver license will be considered valid until 60 days after the date of release from active duty. To receive this service, military orders must be provided that place the Reservist on active duty outside this state.

Steps for getting a License or Learner Permit:

Step 1, Choose License Type
Step 2, Requirements & Documents
Step 3, Other Registrations
Step 4, Take Driver Tests & Pay Fees

License Renewal

Renewal Questions for Military Personnel

Need additional information regarding Driver License Renewal:

Steps for renewing a driver license:

Step 1, Requirements
Step 2, Documents
Step 3, Take Driver Tests & Pay Fees

Early Renewal

A North Carolina driver license may be renewed early if:

  • The person applying is a member of the Armed Forces or a reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States, and
  • provides orders that place the member on active duty and duty station outside this State.

Renewal by mail

Renew by Mail Application and Instructions

Military personnel, their spouse and dependent children who are temporarily residing out of state may renew their licenses by mail if:

  • North Carolina Driver License has not expired more than one year;
  • DMV has last image on file;
  • DMV has a record of your Social Security number or a United States government issued document indicating legal presence, and
  • a permanent North Carolina verifiable residence address.
  • Circumstances that may prohibit renewal by mail

License Replacement

You can request a replacement or duplicate license in person at a DMV Driver License Office or by using our online service.

Request a Duplicate License or ID Card Online

Online service is not avaliable
  • If you have a suspended license or
  • you have an outstanding debt with DMV, or
  • you are applying for a duplicate Commercial Driver License with a P or S endorsement. These are available only at driver license offices.

Requesting a Duplicate License in Person

Step 1, Requirements & Documents
Step 2, Pay Fees

Motorcycle Permit/Endorsement

Steps for obtaining a motorcycle permit/endorsement:

Step 1, Requirements & Documents
Step 2, Take Driver Tests & Pay Fees

Titles & Vehicle Registration

Coming from overseas...

with one of the following:

  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Orgin
  • Foreign title
  • Foreign registration
  • Foreign Military registration card

Call (919) 861-3500 for vehicle registration questions.

Steps on how to title and register a vehicle:

Step 1, Requirements
Step 2, Documents
Step 3, Forms and Fees

Overseas Vehicles

Highway Use Tax

Military personnel (residents and non-residents) registering a vehicle in North Carolina are not exempt from paying the Highway Use Tax.

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  • Tax due at 3% of the purchase price if purchased from a dealer or 3% of the computer schedule value if casual sale (whether they are a resident or non-resident).
  • Vehicles purchased overseas by military personnel with military registration are taxed at 3% not to exceed $250.00.
  • Vehicles purchased overseas without a registration being issued no maximum tax due. 3% of Bill-of-Sale price will be collected.
  • Owner has to have the vehicle inspected in North Carolina prior to a license plate being issued.
  • Notarization is not required from foreign countries; however, a completed assignment or a Bill-of-Sale is required.