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Complaints Against Bureau Employees

​The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles considers all complaints against employees of the License & Theft Bureau to be serious and investigates them in an objective, independent, fair and ethical manner following the professional standards set by the License & Theft Bureau.

Types of Complaints

Complaints can be filed alleging unprofessional conduct or improper behavior, including but not limited to corruption, law enforcement service, harassment, demeaning language and excessive force.

Anonymous Complaints

Although complaints may be filed anonymously, they are not recommended as they are often difficult to investigate. Individuals filing anonymous complaints should provide sufficient information and explicit details to permit a thorough investigation.

Filing a Complaint

To file a complaint, fill out a personnel complaint form and deliver it to an N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles License & Theft office. Hand delivery is required.

Investigation Process

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles' Office of Professional Standards evaluates complaints and determines how the complaint should be handled. Complaints alleging serious violations are directly investigated by the office.

Investigators are allowed 20 days to conduct a thorough investigation, which includes an opportunity for the employee facing the allegations to respond.

Complainants are notified when their complaint has been received, when the investigation is complete and when an investigator has been granted an extension.

Investigation Outcome

Once the investigation is complete, the investigator assigned to the case will submit a written report containing findings and recommendation to the License & Theft Bureau's command staff. The report will contain one of the following four specific findings:

​Finding​ Description
​Sustained​The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence to indicate that the allegation is true.
​Not sustained​There is insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the allegation.
​Unfounded​The allegation is false or there is insufficient evidence to support the allegation.
​Exonerated​The incident occurred but was lawful and proper.

The individual who made the complaint will be notified by letter that appropriate action has been taken. Neither the License & Theft Bureau nor any of its offices may release the findings or resulting disciplinary action, according to State of North Carolina personnel laws.

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