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License & Theft Bureau Forms

When completing forms and documents read and follow the complete set of directions. Identification is required for all services processed in person.

Enforcement Forms

Personnel Complaint Form (LT-107)Official complaint against License and Theft Bureau employees
Notification of Vehicle Seizure & Impoundment (LT-176)​Notification of vehicle seizure and impoundment
Official Complaint - Investigation (LT-220)Official complaint/request for investigation
Report of Unclaimed Motor Vehicles (LT-260)​Report of unclaimed motor vehicles
Notice Of Intent To Sell (LT-262)​To satisfy storage and/or mechanic's lien
Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond (LT-409) 
​Dealer surety bond

Employment Forms

​Form Number
​Form Name
​F-3Law Enforcement Personal History Statement
​LT-288ACertificate to Participate in Physical Abilities Test
​LT-289Personal Disclosure Statement

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