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Title Application Submitted by Affidavits

​An individual applying for a title may submit an affidavit when the North Carolina title or Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin has been assigned to an entity or individual and lost.

There is a mandatory 15-day waiting period before the title is issued.

Contact the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles for the appropriate affidavit, defined in the following table.

​Purchaser's Affidavit (MVR-46A)​Affidavit that the purchaser accepted the title, properly assigned before a notary and that the original title document was disposed
​Registered Owner Affidavit (MVR-46B)​Affidavit from the registered owner that the title was endorsed in the presence of a notary and delivered to the purchaser
​Dealer's Affidavit (MVR-46C)​Affidavit from the North Carolina dealer where the vehicle was purchased that it received the North Carolina certificate of title duly endorsed to them
​Lienholder Affidavit (MVR-46D)​Affidavit by the lienholder or separate lien release

7/10/2018 10:19 AM

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