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What is Tag & Tax Together?

The Tag & Tax Together program combines your North Carolina vehicle's registration fees and property taxes into one renewal notice. We send you one invoice; you pay in one transaction.

How do I pay?

Paying your vehicle's Tag & Tax together has never been easier! We offer three convenient ways:

When will I get my notice?

About 60 days before your vehicle registration expires, we will send you a renewal notice to the mailing address we have on record. This notice lists both your vehicle's registration fees and taxes due, which is paid in one easy transaction. Here is an example of what a renewal notice looks like.

When do I pay?

Your annual vehicle inspection, registration renewal and vehicle property tax will be due the same month each year. Only one payment - made either in person, online or by mail - is required to pay both the annual tag and tax for your vehicle (Inspection fees are still paid to the inspection station).

I just bought a car. Will I owe taxes?

Yes. If you choose not to pay the vehicle property tax at the time you register your newly purchased vehicle, you will receive a Limited Registration sticker, which is good for 60 days. You must pay the property tax before the 60 days is up. You can pay at your local License Plate Agency, by mail or use our convenient online tool especially for Limited Registration tax payments.

How much will I owe?

Your combined notice will show you exactly the amount due for your vehicle registration and property tax. However, you can get an estimate of the property taxes due using our Vehicle Tax Estimator.

Where do I call if I have questions?

If you have questions specifically about your vehicle property tax, contact your county's tax office. For questions regarding your vehicle registration, send a message to NCDMV, or call (919) 814-1779.

More information, including a full FAQ, can be found on the Tag & Tax Together Help page.