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Division Offices

The Division of Highways is spread across the 14 NCDOT transportation divisions. To see what construction projects have been let in a specific area of the state, click on the map.

Asset Management

Recommends to the Board of Transportation the distribution of Maintenance and Resurfacing Funds across 14 Divisions and 100 counties. Manages and supports the following central units:

Transportation Asset Analytics
Assists the Department of Highways (DOH) in managing the performance of North Carolina’s highway system. The Unit collects information from statewide and local condition assessments, and utilizes specialized asset management software to produce a variety of mapping products based on specific requirements.
Pavement Management Unit
Provides designs to the DOH for new and existing paved roadways. The Unit also keeps records of roadway conditions, including construction history, repairs, upgrades, projected service life and other features important in planning and designing.

State Maintenance and Fleet Management

Fleet and Material Management
Supports the DOH by developing associated guidelines, as well as purchasing and maintaining vehicles, equipment, fuel systems, materials and training for the operation of North Carolina’s transportation system.
State Maintenance Operations
Develops maintenance policies and procedures, and manages operations such as disaster recovery, outdoor advertising, mowing, pavement preservation, training and other statewide programs for the DOH.


Field Support:

Field Support oversees the Construction Unit, Materials and Tests Unit, Roadside Environmental Unit, the Right of Way Branch, and Utilities Section offices across North Carolina.

Construction Unit
Provides oversight and administration to highway construction projects under private contract. This office ensures adequate staffing, monitors and evaluates contractual agreements, and works closely with the Federal Highway Administration.
Materials and Tests Unit
Responsible for determining the quality of materials and products incorporated into the Transportation System. The Unit manages the training and certification of technicans and approves products for use and provides expertise to field personnel.
Right of Way Branch
Responsible for acquisition of all necessary lands and rights of way used for construction and improvements of all roads and highways which are part of the State Highway System.
Roadside Environmental Unit
Provides roadside elements for a state highway system that is safe, environmentally sound, attractive and responsive to the public's needs. Programs of interest include NC Wildflower, NC Scenic Byways, Adopt-A-Highway, Wildlife Habitat and Rest Areas.
Structure Management Unit
The Structure Management Unit performs technical and design work that coordinates plans and proposals for road and bridge projects throughout North Carolina.
Utilities Section
The Utilities Section is responsible for developing utility engineering designs, performing engineering design reviews and coordinating with utility owners to facilitate utility movements necessary for the construction of NCDOT highway projects.

Transportation Mobility and Safety

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Signals Unit
Plans, designs and implements traffic signals, signal systems and intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies statewide. The Traffic Electronics Center repairs signal, communications and ITS equipment.
Oversize/Overweight Permits Unit
Processes applications and issues permits for oversize/overweight vehicles. The Permit Unit also furnishes lists of restricted routes and permit information to the general public.
Signing and Delineation Unit
Responsible for the design and application of permanent signs, pavement marking, and other traffic control devices that delineate highways within the state’s transportation system.
Traffic Management Unit
Oversees Congestion Management, Municipal and School Transportation Assistance, and Work Zone Traffic Control.
Traffic Safety Unit
Implements and evaluates safety and traffic operational strategies to reduce crashes on North Carolina roadways. The Traffic Safety Unit includes the Traffic Safety Systems Section, the Mobility and Safety Field Operations Section, and the Mobility and Safety Information Section.
Traffic Systems Operations Unit
Uses signal system timing, incident management, intelligent transportation systems, and public information strategies to help our transportation roadway network move people and goods more safely and efficiently.


Geotechnical Engineering Unit
The Geotechnical Engineering Unit provides the expertise required by NCDOT in the geologic and geotechnical engineering aspects of planning, design, construction and maintenance of North Carolina highways.
Hydraulics Unit
The Hydraulics Unit is responsible for the broad range of activities that relate to hydraulic and surface drainage for all highway construction and maintenance contracts and activities.
Location & Surveys Unit
The Location & Surveys Unit performs route location surveys and obtains engineering data needed for project mapping and development in the construction of highways and bridges in North Carolina.
Photogrammetry Unit
The Photogrammetry Unit acquires aerial photography and produces digital spatial information products used for transportation planning design, construction, and maintenance.
Project Development & Environmental Analysis
The Project Development and Environmental Analysis Branch (PDEA) was formed in response to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, which called for efforts to prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and the biosphere.
Roadway Design Unit
The Roadway Design Unit is responsible for the preparation of roadway design plans and engineering cost estimates for all centrally let highway construction projects in North Carolina.
Transportation Planning Branch
Works with local entities across the state to develop plans for North Carolina’s transportation system.