Transit Options

Benefits of Public Transportation

Commuter Transit Options
  • Make the most of your time. By riding instead of driving, you can do work, catch up on email or get your holiday shopping done ahead of time.
  • Better health. Taking public transit not only relieves stress, but studies show transit riders on average get roughly 19 minutes of additional physical activity a day just by walking to stops and destinations.
  • Save money. Fill up your vehicle's gas tank less often. That means more money in your pocket.

Public Transportation Options

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Additional Resources

Eligible state employees who work in Wake County can receive a GoPass to use until the Fortify Project is complete.

Share the Ride NC


ShareTheRideNC matches you and your commute to existing carpool and vanpool options and provides information to help you get started with ride sharing in your area.

Commuter Transit Options

Emergency Ride Home

Worried about emergencies? You'll never be stuck at work when the unexpected arises. ShareTheRideNC's Emergency Ride Home is free but you must register first.

Commuter Transit Options

North Carolina Amtrak

Booking your ticket is quick and easy. Just visit for schedules, fares and discounts.