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Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Is there a driver?

    ​As an autonomous vehicle, the CASSI shuttle does not have a driver or feature a traditional steering wheel or manual brakes. The vehicle will, however, have a customer service operator on board to take control of the vehicle, if it becomes necessary. This operator also can answer questions and provide information about CASSI.

  • Is CASSI safe?

    ​Yes. Numerous sensors are continuously scanning the shuttle's surroundings and signaling for it to stop when an obstacle is too close. Also, the shuttle is monitored by an on-board customer service operator who can manually stop the vehicle at any time.

  • How much does it cost to ride CASSI?

    ​During the pilot deployments, there is no cost to ride CASSI.

  • How many passengers can CASSI accommodate?

    ​Up to 12 people. The shuttle can seat six people and accommodate another six on leaning seats or standing.

  • Is the CASSI wheelchair-accessible?

    ​Yes. The CASSI is equipped with an automatic wheelchair ramp.

  • Where will CASSI operate?

    ​The shuttle may only drive in pre-designated locations on approved sites. Currently, the CASSI is in operation on N.C. State University's campus. The shuttle may only operate on lower speed roadways (both public and private), not on highways. It is a transportation option designed to transport passengers throughout communities and campuses and is also a potential first/last mile solution.

  • Why does CASSI travel so slowly?

    ​Safety is always the top priority, and maximum speeds are limited by current technology, roadway configurations and other factors. As technology improves, speed will as well.

  • Are dogs allowed on board?

    ​Only approved service animals are permitted on the CASSI.

2/7/2020 11:11 AM