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​The CASSI project reflects the N.C. Department of Transportation’s commitment to improve transportation and meet future needs through new and innovative transportation technologies.

The project will help NCDOT and N.C. State University learn more about how this technology can be safely and effectively used in the future. It will also help familiarize people with new transportation technologies and encourage the use of environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Through CASSI, North Carolina communities, residents and the NCDOT can test autonomous shuttles as a transit option for first and last-mile and for underserved populations. The project will also allow NCDOT to test connected technology at traffic signals and other infrastructure while learning about infrastructure improvements necessary to prepare for autonomous driving.


Research will be conducted during the project’s operation at N.C. State University and in other North Carolina communities. The research project will give NCDOT data to better prepare our future transportation infrastructure investments for the future.

NCDOT will examine numerous aspects of this technology, including:

  • How autonomous vehicles interact with our physical infrastructure
  • How other road users interact with autonomous vehicles
  • Safety and security
  • Customer satisfaction/technology reception
  • Workforce impacts
  • Performance
  • Mobility options
  • Environmental impacts

The department is collecting this information through a partnership with research universities. A report will be published once the pilot is completed. In addition, NCDOT will partner with NCSU’s Aerial Experimentation and Research Platform for Advanced Wireless (AerPAW) to test 5G technology with CASSI.

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2/7/2020 11:10 AM