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STIP Project Breakdown

​The 2018-2027 State Transportation Improvement Program is made up of 1,367 projects, including 344 non-highway projects (e.g. aviation, public transit, rail, etc.), in every county across the state.

Also included in the total number of projects are 220 interstate maintenance and bridge projects as well as 53 safety projects that are prioritized under what are called "alternate criteria." Alternate criteria projects undergo a separate prioritization process.

Below is a breakdown of the number of projects by transportation and funding categories.

Projects Scored Using Strategic Prioritization

​Transportation Mode
​Statewide Mobility
​Regional Impact
​Division Needs
​Total Projects
​Public Transit

Projects Scored​ ​Using Alternate Criteria

​Project Type
​Statewide Mobility
​Regional Impact
​Division Needs
​Total Projects
​Interstate Maintenance
​Safety Projects

Projects by Funding Category

Funding Category
​Total Projects
Statewide Mobility
Regional Impact​382
Division Needs

Projects in the 2018-2027 Strategic Transportation Improvement Program were determined based on strategic prioritization at the statewide, regional and division levels – the three categories in which NCDOT distributes funding – as well as public feedback and other factors. Those factors include the completion of environmental studies and engineering plans, corridor spending caps and federal and state funding restrictions.

6/11/2019 7:58 PM