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Curriculum Basics


​The overall goal of the Let's Go NC! curriculum is to develop walking and biking skills that will help them achieve an active and healthy lifestyle into adulthood. Although some children may be aware of ways to stay safe as pedestrians or bicyclists, the purpose of this program is to help children transfer that knowledge into an automatic response in behavior.

Let’s Go Walking! and Let’s Go Biking! can may be taught independently of each other but are designed to teach concepts and skills in five lessons for developmentally appropriate teaching levels: kindergarten and first grade, second and third grade, and fourth and fifth grade.

Each lesson builds upon the skills learned in the previous lesson within the teaching level. The content is customized based on needs and concerns from North Carolina teachers and stakeholders. Teaching both lesson sets will give children the skills to be safe, healthy and active in their daily lives

Let's Go Walking!

The pedestrian set, called Let's Go Walking!, targets five areas of pedestrian safety.

Each lesson has a discussion and demonstration of core concepts, a skill-building activity and a video to accompany the lesson review.

These five areas are the same for each teaching level, but the lessons build in difficulty from one teaching level to the next, requiring greater problem-solving and a higher level discussion.

Let's Go Biking!

The bicycle lesson set, called Let’s Go Biking!, also targets five areas for each teaching level; however, due to the cognitive and motor skill developmental differences from kindergarten to fifth grade, the five topic areas include more advanced skills-based lessons as the teaching level increases.

The lessons progress from basic knowledge, healthy living concepts and safety concepts in the classroom to on-bicycle skill-building activities in a simulated outdoor environment. Early on, the focus is more on concepts, but as children progress through grade levels, more time is spent on skills development with hands-on activities.

The lessons for each grade grouping include a discussion and demonstration that occurs in the classroom as well as hands-on skill-building activities, which occur outdoors. Some lessons include a video to complement classroom instruction.


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