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Aviation Art Contest

Cassidy English of Harnett Central High School in Lillington created the winning entry in the Senior Division in 2020. 
Eac​h year, the N.C. Department of Transportation's Division of Aviation sponsors the North Carolina Aviation Art Contest to engage young people in aviation and aeronautics.

The contest offers children ages 6-17 who live or attend school in North Carolina the chance to explore different aspects of aviation.

The contest theme for 2021 is “A Friendlier World with Air Sports." Entries are now closed for the contest. 

A Friendlier World with Air Sports

When we think of air sports, we might imagine what it would be like soaring through the air in a glider, floating across the sky in a hot air balloon, or maybe even twisting and looping through the clouds in an aerobatic plane.

While being in the sky is glamorous, it is only part of the adventure. Every journey begins on the ground with a team of people working together to accomplish what one person alone never could.

The camaraderie created in this process is one of the things that keeps people coming back again and again. Air sports connect people from all over the world and of all ages, and create lifelong friendships. The buddies that meet to hang glide share laughs on cliffsides across the globe. Hot air balloonists enjoy meals with the crew of the chase vehicle after a flight across the countryside.

Air shows offer it all. Everyone is invited to share in the joy. Sport aviation pilots love talking about their planes, and ground crews share the work required to keep everything safe and in top shape. Every aircraft is a conversation starter, giving people a chance to ask questions or share their own aviation experiences.

The chance to take a ride is irresistible to some, while others enjoy eating tasty food and watching the show overhead. A single parachutist in the sky can hold the attention of hundreds of people below. When the day's adventure is over, both participants and spectators leave with new friends, as well as stories to share. 

Now it's your turn​ to tell the story. Grab your favorite art supplies and create a poster that captures the spirit that comes from people meeting and sharing their love of sport aviation.

Last year’s competition, with a theme of "Flying Yesterday and Tomorrow," drew 2,420 entries from students representing 219 schools and 269 hometowns in 77 counties. See the winning entr​ies from 2020 here.​

1/19/2021 5:00 PM