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Aviation Art Contest


Artwork from 2019 Aviation Art Contest participant
Eac​h year, the N.C. Department of Transportation's Division of Aviation sponsors the North Carolina Aviation Art Contest to engage young people in aviation and aeronautics in the state.

The contest offers children ages 6-17 who live or attend school in North Carolina the chance to explore different aspects of aviation.

The contest theme for 2020 was “Flying Yesterday and Tomorrow."

Flying Yesterday and Tomorrow

The dream to fly is thousands of years old. Ancient stories from around the world tell us of those who wanted to take flight. Their stories of successes and failures started to become reality in the late 1800s, when men and women used the growing technological know-how to build the craft that, up until then, had only been possible in imaginations.

Early balloonists excited the world with flights covering 25 miles in under three hours. Now, they have the option of taking a few hours journey or one of thousands of miles over many days in balloons specially designed and equipped to go long distances.

Gliders have increased distances and heights as well. While the first glider pilots jumped their craft from hills and mountains, today’s gliders are towed high into the air and can travel for hundreds of mile​​s. 

The first airplanes were made of cloth and wood and powered by engines that produced around 12 horsepower. Today, metal and composites are the materials designers use to make flight faster and safer. Some modern racing planes’ engines produce over 3,500 horsepower, and a modern commercial airliner with multiple engines creates over 95,000 horsepower! While the physics of flight remains the same, the technology is always advancing.

Each generation has learned from those that have gone before, adding to what is possible while holding true to the love of flight that is in the heart of all aviators. The dreams of flight have become the reality of today’s sports aviation. The hang gliders, balloonists, racers and aerobatic pilots fly above us and show what is possible. What does the future hold? Where will the young aviation dreamers of today lead us?

The competition drew 2,420 entries from students representing 219 schools and 269 hometowns in 77 counties. See the winning entries from this year's talented artists here.​

6/30/2020 10:06 AM